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7 Ways To Make Your Orgasm Last Longer

Everyone has their preferences in the bedroom. Some people are all about the foreplay, and others aim to see how fast and loud their Os can be. It's all on the continuum of pleasure, and you should go after whatever curls your toes. So if you're a lady who likes to hit that climax and wants that feeling to hang around a little longer, it's time to incorporate ways to make your orgasm last longer into your romp routine. Believe it or not, with a few tweaks here and there, you can start enjoying the most intense and lengthiest Os you've ever had.

Increasing your pleasure and amping up the longevity of your orgasm can become your reality with a few simple tricks. Even if the orgasm has been an illusive part of your sex life up until now, using these tips will help get you to the finish line. And once you make it to the finish, you'll want to stay awhile. That's the beauty of these seven strategies: your body learns how to sustain an orgasm for longer than ever before, and it takes little effort on your part. To start basking in the glow of your body's awesome powers, get busy trying these seven ways to make your orgasm last longer.


Take 15

Got some extra time on your hands? Follow the instructions to a 15 minute orgasm, as explained by Cosmopolitan magazine. All it takes is five steps to have you on your way to an extended stay in O-ville.


Enjoy A Daily Dose Of Chocolate

As if you needed another excuse to chow on chocolate, that dreamy treat may excite your sex game as much as your taste buds. Everyday Health reported on an Italian study that found women who enjoyed dark chocolate every day were more likely to report a satisfying sex life than women who did not.


Get Blended

Why settle for just one type of orgasm when you can get a two-for-one? As Women's Health magazine suggested, having a clitoral and vaginal orgasm simultaneously makes for a good, long burn. This method, called blending, gets the best results with girl-on-top positions.


Touch Yourself

To make those Os go on and on, get in touch with what turns you on — literally. Try some of these tips to better orgasm through masturbation that The Health Site suggested. Figuring out what you like when on your own can give you great orgasms by yourself, as well as when you're having sex with a partner.


Do Those Kegels

It's the vagina's favorite workout, and it can really amp up those climaxes. I'm talking about kegels. According to Glamour magazine, kegels lead to a strong pelvic floor, which leads to better, more intense, and longer lasting orgasms.


Go Easy On The Cocktails

If you're planning on getting busy after a hot date, you may want to limit the number of drinks you have. As Cosmopolitan reported, female sexual response goes down with alcohol consumption, which means it's hard to have and sustain an orgasm.


Add A Toy To The Mix

Sometimes your routine needs a little shaking up to keep things steamy. There's no shame in adding a sex toy to your romp. Check out these pleasure enhancing gadgets recommended by Shape magazine to make your orgasm stretch out as long as possible.