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7 Ways To Prepare Your Bed For Co-Sleeping

Although some parents may cringe at the thought of bringing their new baby into bed with them at night, there are others who are supporters of co-sleeping. They may do it for the convenience of making those dreaded late-night feedings more bearable, or for chance to get a little extra bonding time in with their little ones. If you choose to co-sleep with your baby, however, safety is the most important thing to take into account. And that all starts with ways to prepare your bed for co-sleeping.

If you've never even considered the idea of creating a family bed, there are some benefits. According to Mother magazine, co-sleeping can increase the levels of the milk-producing horomone, prolactin, which can aid in breastfeeding. And contrary to what you might think, it may also help lessen baby's anxiety and lead to a better night's sleep to be in close proximity to parents. But there are some risks associated with co-sleeping, including an increased risk of SIDS or other injuries. Which is why, if you want to try co-sleeping, you need to make sure you've created a safe space.

If you want to give co-sleeping a try, make sure you have all of things you need to make sure your baby is as safe as possible — and you both will be on your way to having sweet dreams.


Upgrade Your Mattress

If you're still sleeping in a twin bed, toss it. According to Dr. Sears, the bigger the bed, the safer the baby. A king or queen-sized mattress is best.


Move To The Wall

Dr. Sears' sited also notes that you should push the mattress against the wall, or place a guardrail at the edge of the bed, to make sure baby doesn't roll off the edge.


Invest In A Firm Pillow

Get rid of that mound of fluffy pillows in your bed. One firm pillow is the safest environment for baby, according to Babble.


Keep Your Bedding Light And Tight

If you're going to co-sleep, Cafe Mom recommends doing away with the bulky bedding, as more blankets increases the chances that baby will get hurt. Invest in tight-fitting sheets and dress warmer in the winter months.


Add A Breastfeeding Pillow For Support

Babble also suggests giving yourself a little support during those late night breastfeeding sessions by placing a nursing pillow beneath your but.


Invest In A Good Co-Sleeper

If you want to co-sleep, but want your bed all to yourself, a co-sleeper is a great option. Do your research on sites like Lucie's List, and find the best and safest co-sleeper for you and your baby.


Add A Pad To Help With Mess

Protect your mattress from the inevitable late-night messes with a disposable bed pad, which can be fastened to the bed with safety pins, suggests Alpha Mom.