Some days you want to feel like the belle of the ball, even when you’re just going to work or picking up some groceries. I feel you. But because we live in a world where Halloween is not every day, you might get a few side-eye glances strolling down the dairy aisle in a full ball gown. But you can reach a happy compromise: there are ways to recreate your favorite Disney dresses in ways that will still let you pass as an adult. (But you will know that your getup is worthy of a queen.)

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the animated classics or just someone who has pinned a few too many outfits to a Once Upon A Time board, you can bring spirit of those magical wardrobes into your daily outfits. These looks are modern enough to go anywhere, and far more practical than a full skirt and tiara.

You can channel your inner queen for any occasion. Whether you're looking for a casual outfit or something for a formal affair, let the magic of Disney be your guide and pick up a few of these looks. And as an added bonus, no dalmatians were harmed in the selection of these outfits.

1. Rapunzel

This body frock wedding tulip dress ($403) from ASOS is pretty close to the original spirit of Rapunzel's midi-length frock. But the sheer panels in the skirt bring this look into the modern age.

2. Cinderella

This light blue chiffon maxi dress ($79) from xiaolizi's Etsy shop has all the flare and drama of Cinderella's dress in a more up-tp-date silhouette. It's practically made for spinning.

3. Elsa

If you need a little sparkle with your outfit, Nasty Gal's sequin cutout dress ($98) has you covered. This little number is fit for an ice queen.

4. Snow White

This tie-dye jersey maxi dress ($36) from Neiman Marcus is a modern, summery remix of Snow White's classic look. It preserves her outfit's color scheme in a casual sundress, which is probably about a thousand times more comfortable than the typical princess getup.

5. Evil Queen

Gotta admit, Disney villains have a wicked sense of style. Channel the evil queen's dramatic flair with this cape sleeve mini dress ($70) from GCGme.

6. Tiana

Sweet and sensible, this soda fountain dress ($60) from Modcloth is almost a perfect match for Tiana's shirt-dress. And it's pretty work appropriate, which is fitting for a Tiana-inspired look.

7. Belle

If you need a little something to throw on when you're running to the library, this flowy yellow dress ($108) from House of Fraser fits the bill. It's lightweight and chic with a full soft skirt.

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