7 Ways To Safely Warm Your Baby Up This Winter

by Olivia Youngs

Each season of the year presents new challenges for parents of babies. Whether it's researching ways to safely warm up your baby, making sure they're not too hot, winter-proofing their room, or learning how to bundle them up without going full-blown Randy from A Christmas Story, winter tends to present its own set of challenges.

Making sure you're warming up your baby properly can be more challenging than you'd expect. Especially because, according to Cambridge University Hospitals, babies are unable to effectively regulate their body temperature when they're young. This means it's extra important for parents to know the ways to safely adjust their baby's temperature without overdoing it, or not doing enough.

It usually doesn't take much to gently adjust their temperature — adding a new layer, raising the temperature a bit, or taking the time for a few extra snuggles can usually do the trick. In fact, making any drastic changes raises the chances of you accidentally overheating your baby, so it's best to make small changes until they're warm enough.

To a brand new parent, it may seem like an overwhelming amount of things to remember, but after a while, keeping them at a comfortable temperature will be second nature and there won't be any need to worry.


Add One Layer

For inside temperatures, Parenting suggested adding one more layer than you would need to stay warm. Your baby may not be the best at regulating their body temperature, but they don't need layer upon layer to stay warm — just a sweater or a warmer pair of pants and socks will do the trick.


Swaddle Them

According to Healthy Children, swaddling your baby in a light blanket or sleep sack is a safe way to keep your baby warm while they sleep without the use of blankets. As long as you swaddle them properly and they're sleeping on their back and not old enough to roll over on their own, swaddling is a great option.


Turn Up The Heat. . . A Little Bit

Baby Gooroo reported that the ideal temperature for babies' rooms is between 68 and 72 degrees, accoridng to the experts. So if you need to turn up the heat to meet this level, it will warm your baby right up.


Enjoy Skin-To-Skin Time

Skin-to-skin time is a safe, cozy way to bond with your baby, encourage a healthy breastfeeding relationship, and help them regulate their body temperature. According to Fit Pregnancy, skin-to-skin time is especially beneficial for newborns as it helps them adapt to life outside the womb, boosting their mental development, and keeping them extra warm.


Run A Warm Bath

According to Nationwide Childrens' Hospital, the best temperature for baby's bath is around 100 degrees. Testing the water with your elbow is a good way to make sure it's not too cold or too warm.


Give Them Hats And Mittens For Outside

If you're going on a chilly day excursion, it's a good idea to bundle up your baby in a coat, hat and mittens, and something that covers their toes, to make sure they're warm enough.


Wear Your Baby

Whether you're out and about or cozy in your home, wearing your baby is a great way to get some of the benefits of skin-to-skin time and be hands free. Obviously, your baby will need more layers than just the carrier, especially if you're outdoors, but it's a great way to add another layer without overdoing it.