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7 Ways To Tell Someone Not To Touch Your Hair (In A Nice Way)

Let's talk hair, shall we? Some people go to great lengths for their hair and you should rock it in whatever way makes you feel good. I wear my hair in it's natural, kinky state. It's extremely textured some days, and others it a fluffy, black cotton ball. This change is appearance often gets my hair unwanted attention. You know the attention I'm speaking of, right? The kind where someone attempts to touch your hair. When this happens, there are ways to tell someone not to touch your hair that get the point across without causing an argument.

Yes, there are some cases you want someone to touch your hair like your stylist or your significant other and yes, even the occasional stranger who may be saving you from a bug making your hair a home. But for those people who simply touch your locks because they think it's ok, you need some defense. And seriously, why do some people feel they can just reach out and touch your hair? Do they not have hair of their own? But I digress.

If you find someone trying to touch your mane, here are a couple ways you can give them the very clear message to "back off."


Excuse Me?

When to use it:When someone is totally mesmerized by your great looking mane, and they request to touch your hair.

Why this works:This is a nice way to let someone know you see their interest in your hair and your prepared to answer all questions without them touching your hair.


What Are You Doing?

When to use it: When someone has gotten into your personal space and took it upon themselves to reach in to touch your hair.

Why this works: An instant jerk of the head reaction is a pretty clear form of body language that let's the person know this is not a good ideal.


A Polite No

When to use it: When someone is being nice enough to at least asks instead of taking action.

Why this works: This polite head shake in the "no" motion works best for me most of the time. The person usually respects the answer and moves on to a new subject.


Don't Touch Me

When to use it: This is when your personal space has been violated and your are trying to remain calm about the situation without going completely over board.

Why this works: This is a clear "no." If someone ever has this reaction when you touch their hair, it's best to leave them completely alone.


A Warning

When to use it: This is for the Repeat Offender. There's always that one person you permitted to touch your hair six months ago, that feels they can just reach in anytime they want now. Well this not true sir or ma'am.

Why this works: This brings the topic of hair and personal space to the table and opens up for a conversation to why they must stop.



When to use it: Recently someone told me my hair looked like black cotton or wool, and then followed up by asking can they touch my hair. I'm sure this was intended to be a compliment of some sort, but I could only answer by saying, "Really Really?"

Why this works: Sometimes people don't have the greatest word choices, and the results can be offensive. Try to remain calm when this happens and see if there's a way to help them savage their intention.


Side Eye

When to use it: This look is reserved for all random individuals with dirty hands wanting to touch your curly tresses.

Why this works: It requires very little interaction with the culprit, just a mean, silent stare that says everything your heart desires. Many people know this as universal signal to back off and do so immediately.