7 Ways To Turn Your Favorite Food Into Pie, Because Everything Should Be Eaten With A Flaky Crust

Until countless bloggers started turning their favorite food into pie, I never realized how versatile it was as a vehicle for things I enjoy eating. But as I came upon variation after variation of different foods done up in the timeless form, it suddenly became clear to me that there's almost no dish out there that can't be turned into a pie. (Seriously. Type in your favorite food + pie into Google, and you'll be amazed at the results.) Once you realize that almost anything you like snacking on can be made into delicious pie form, lots of beautiful possibilities begin opening up.

If you're looking for a brilliant idea for how to turn your favorite food into pie, there are quite a few creative cooks out there already making some surprising combinations that are amazing and, when you think about it, unbelievable they didn't exist before. There's a lot of experimentation with savory and sweet concoctions, each done by simply picking a single favorite food and adapting it to work as a filling with pie crust. See here just seven ways you can turn some of the most beloved foods into a pie—after this, we have a pretty good feeling you'll be taking out that pie tin.



Bar form is so old school. Try Foodie Crush's German chocolate brownie pie for a new take on the old favorite.



Baked squash is amazing, no lie. But with Brooklyn Supper's extra fancy kobocha squash pie with black pepper and ginger, you're taking the experience to a whole other level.


Chex Mix

Your favorite snack will never be the same after you try Crepes of Wrath's muddy buddy pie with a Chex crust.



The campfire favorite is forever transformed in A Pastry Affair's s'mores pie.



Put the steamer away and try Offbeat and Inspired's broccoli and gorgonzola pie. The pie form may just be what the veggie needed.


Mac and Cheese

It'll hit you like lightening when you try I Am a Food Blog's mac and cheese pie and realize the dish was always meant to be this way.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

The Merry Thought's chocolate chip cookie pie combines two childhood favorites into one delicious, nostalgic form.



Take your spoon out of the jar and bring some complexity to this snack favorite with The Sugar Hit's frozen nutella cheesecake pretzel ice cream pie.



Half Baked Harvest's one-pot cheesy tamale turkey pie brings everything you could love about the Mexican dish into one perfect format.

Images: Courtesy of Half Baked Harvest.; Foodie Crush; Brooklyn Supper; Crepes of Wrath; A Pastry Affair Offbeat and Inspired; I Am a Food Blog; The Merry Thought; The Sugar Hit; Half Baked Harvest.