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7 Ways Your Baby Is Trying To Say "I Love You"

I'm not sure which is more rewarding — the love I felt for my babies when they were born, or the first time I realized they loved me back. Oh, who am I kidding? Every time I feel the love of my children I melt like a popsicle on a July afternoon. Now that they're "big boys," they use their words to tell me they love me all the time. But even in that first year, I knew they were trying to get the message across. You may not realize the ways your baby is trying to say "I love you" if you don't look beneath the surface.

Just like you, your little one wants to express all the love and good feelings he's experiencing. But babies have their own way of doing things, and getting the message across to you can take on some different forms. When you and your baby spend time together, he is working hard to soak you up and strengthen the bond you two share. During the first year, you'll notice your baby making attempts to show signs of affection. All the little coos and slobbery wet kisses are "I love you," in baby language (not to mention major heart swelling moments for mama).

If you think your bambino is trying to tell you something, look for these seven ways your baby is trying to tell you that it doesn't get better than mom.


They Stare At You

Think you're baby spends all that time staring at you because he has nowhere else to look? Think again. According to Parenting magazine, babies work hard to memorize a parent's face to help them put a person to the voice and smells he associates with love. As your baby attempts to learn every line on your face, he is also showing you how much he loves you.


They Want You Around

When your baby is unhappy with your absence, it's not because she just wants a playmate or attention — she straight up misses you, as Baby Center pointed out. Getting upset when you leave the room is a sign of your baby's attachment to you and the love she feels for you.


They Turn Toward You

It's no coincidence your baby perks up when you start talking. According to The Bump, "even before birth, your voice is a comfortable, soothing sound for your child, and baby would rather hear you than anyone else on the planet."


They Give You Baby Kisses

Is there anything sweeter (or more slobbery) than a kiss from a baby? As Parenting explained, a baby planting a kiss on you is a sign he wants to show you affection. He has observed how you kiss on his cheeks, and wants to do the same to you.


They Use You To Hide

When meeting new people, your baby may bury her face in your chest for protection. She's not being rude, it's her way of finding comfort from a person she loves and trusts, according to Baby Center.


They Smile

If you've ever seen the gleam in a baby's eye when they smile at you, you know for certain that it's not gas — it's a legit smile. As The Bump pointed out, baby will look at you and flash a full-on smile sometime between six weeks and three months. It'll make your heart swell and help you feel the love.


They Want A Lovey

A favorite stuffed animal or blanket has more symbolism and meaning than meets the eye. "These transitional objects (or loveys) represent you and your love, especially in your absence. Your child loves you so much that she wants to keep you close," as Parents magazine reported. (And suddenly it doesn't seem so annoying that your little one wants to carry that teddy bear everywhere she goes.)