7 Ways Your Partner Can Help With Your Mom Anger

Nothing tests your patience like becoming a mom. As amazing and joyful as babies are, they are also really stressful. When you combine the challenges of raising a little one with your raging postpartum hormones, it can add up to mood swings and bursts of mom anger. Keeping yourself calm, cool, and collected isn’t always easy, but luckily you don’t have to go it alone. There are plenty of ways your partner can help with your mom anger and make life a little easier for the both of you.

In my experience, moms just seem to be wired a little differently than dads. They seem to be programmed to stress out about the littlest things when it comes to their babies, and be hyper-vigilant about anything that might hurt them. Although those instincts can end up benefitting their babies and keeping them safe, they can also leave moms feeling burnt out and drained and prone to snapping. To me, mom anger isn’t a sign that you’re a cruel or bitter mother— it’s a sign that you’re working incredibly hard to do your best for your kid, but maybe it’s time for a little breather.

Here are seven ways your partner can help manage your mom anger that you might just want to print up and hang on the fridge.


They Can Split Night Duties

One sure fire way to end up stressed and angry is to be incredibly sleep deprived while your partner is well rested. Getting your partner to split night duties with you can majorly improve your mood, according to The Bump.


They Can Divvy Up Chores

I've always found that having a messy home brings down my mood a little bit, but I don't always have the time or energy to clean. If you're feeling overwhelmed by the list of chores that need to be done around your house, What To Expect noted that you should get your partner to help out more. Both of you will benefit from having the home in order.


They Can Get You Out Of The House

Losing your temper means you're probably at the end of your rope and need a break. When that happens, you shouldn't hesitate to ask for some time to yourself. Parents noted that letting your partner take the kids for even half a day can help you recharge your batteries in a big way.


They Can Keep You Fed And Hydrated

It's easy to neglect your health when you're a super busy, stressed out mom, but that can only make your mood worse. Kids Health noted that you should make eating nutritious foods and drinking plenty of water a priority in order to combat bad moods. Your partner can help you stick to those goals by pitching in with cooking and reminding you to refill that water bottle.


They Can Let You Vent And Cry

Almost every new mom is going to deal with mood swings at some point thanks to those pesky hormones, and it's totally normal. According to Psychology Today, one of the most important ways for your partner to deal with your mood changes is to just be there to listen without passing judgment.


They Can Remind You To Breathe

If you can push past that initial moment when your temper flares up, you might be able avoid to an outburst. One way to do that, according to Babble, is just to stop and take a deep breath. If your partner can remind you to breathe just as you're about to lose it, you might be more likely to stay calm.


They Can Help You Get Help

Snapping after a stressful day is to be expected when you're a mom. But if you're worried your mom anger might be something more, like postpartum depression (PPD), you should let your partner know and speak to a doctor about your concerns. The American Pregnancy Association noted that about 15 percent of women suffer from PPD, but plenty of help is available. Your partner can play an important role in your recovery by simply being there to support you.