7 Weird Things Men Do When They Realize They Met The One, So Take Notice

by Lauren Schumacker

People are sometimes awfully hard to read, let's just face facts. But sometimes you don't need to hear them say something to know it's true (or, at least, to think that it might be). Men can send some big-time signals through the things that they do, and there are some weird things men do when they realize they met the one that, if you're in a relationship with one, you may be interested in knowing more about. Because people can be so difficult to read (and because expressing emotions can also sometimes be difficult), even if you think you know quite well that your partner thinks you're the one and sees your relationship lasting long-term, there's still a chance that you'll question things from time to time and find yourself looking for some fairly subtle (or super obvious) clues that this really is how they feel.

When people feel as though they're with the person that's the right one for them, they tend to do things a little bit differently than they may have done in past relationships, with people that may not have been quite as well-suited to them. That doesn't mean that they're acting like a completely different person or that they're acting differently than the person they truly are, but knowing what sorts of things men might do when they realize they've met the one can give you insight into your relationship that you may or may not have otherwise.

If you see the man in your life doing some of these things, it could be a sign that they know that the person they're in a relationship with is the perfect match for them.


They Do Activities They Never Thought They'd Do

In any good relationship, people sometimes do things that they maybe don't love to do because they know that it's important to the other person, but if he's regularly doing activities that he likely wouldn't do otherwise, that could be a sign that he thinks he's found the one. Anna Morgenstern of Dating Rehab NYC tells Romper in an email exchange that some men do things like spending the day shopping with you, going apple picking, or anything else that seems somewhat out of character for that particular man if they think they're with the one. Of course, men (and their partners) enjoy all different kinds of activities, but if they start to do more things that their partner loves to do, it could be a signal that they've realized their partner will be around for a long time.


They Start Calling Them "We"

If they don't see their partner as someone who's likely to stick around, they might stick to "I" statements, but once they realize that their partner is the one, they'll like drop more "we" statements. "When a guy starts referring to your relationship as 'we,' it’s a good sign they are taking the relationship seriously," Dr. Sal Raichbach PsyD, LCSW, of Ambrosia Treatment Center, tells Romper via email. "This represents a shift in perception where a man sees his significant other and himself as a unit. An individual’s sense of self is often one of the hardest things to let go of. That simple shift in language means that a man is aware that his decisions and behaviors don’t just represent him anymore."


They Put On A Few Pounds

Though, certainly, not everyone does this after meeting the one, some men gain a bit of weight after meeting someone they think will be around long-term. Morgenstern says that this is indicative of a comfort level and that they're confident that they won't need to try to impress anyone new anytime soon.


Their Body Language Changes

Caleb Backe, a health and wellness expert for Maple Holistics, tells Romper by email that some men change their body language a bit after they realize they've met the one. You can tell that they're more comfortable being themselves and reacting to things and expressing themselves sincerely.


They Get Close With Their Partner's Loved Ones

"Even if it’s forced an awkward, an attempt at closeness with in-laws shows a lot more commitment than the required surface-level interactions on holidays," Raichbach says. "Not only does that mean he cares about his significant other, he genuinely cares about the family and wants to be a part of the tribe."

If he's making an effort to actually form relationships with your family, that might mean that he's realized you're the one for him.


They Change Long-Held Habits

It can be difficult to change your ways, but some guys tend to do just that when they know they've met their soulmate. "Only close friends or family might notice, but these shifts indicate that they are playing the 'long game,'" Sara Stanizai, MA, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, tells Romper in an email exchange. "They may no longer want to go out with friends on Friday nights. They may start eating healthier. They might take up a new hobby or interest." The exact ways that he might change can certainly depend on the man and the habits he's developed over the years, but changes like this can indicate that he feels fairly certain that his partner is the one.


They Get To Work

Backe says that, when they realize that they're with the one, some men strive to work harder, be more successful, and meet their goals because they're trying to make their partner proud of them. Morgenstern, likewise, says that they might work harder or begin to look for a job that will allow them to save money for a ring or future life together. While it can sometimes be difficult to discern their motivation behind looking for a new job, working harder, or going after additional goals, this could be a sign that they think they're with the person they're meant to be with.

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