7 Weird AF That Happen If You Skip A Shower Daily

by Meg Kehoe

You've been there before. The alarm clock goes off, and you're dying for another 10 minutes of sleep. You think to yourself, I can go one more day without showering, right? Whether it's the lack of sleep or the prospect of drying your hair that's pushing you to take a day off from showering, you may want to think twice. Because there are some seriously weird things that happen if you skip a shower daily that you just might want to sit out on, and sit in on the shower instead.

Hygiene is one of those things that's kind of mandatory in this day and age, but can be easily disguised with the help of things like deodorant, perfume, makeup, and dry shampoo. And while every once in a while it's OK to use those tricks of the trade to cover up the fact that you haven't showered, to turn it into a routine can very quickly turn into a bad habit with even worse consequences. And since nobody wants to look (or feel) like a modern-day Pig-Pen, use the following facts about what happens when you don't shower on the regular to motivate you in the morning. And trust me, these facts are definitely going to motivate you.


You Start To Smell

This one is pretty obvious, right? There comes a point when no amount of baby powder, perfume, or deodorant can cover up what's really going on with that un-showered bod. While you might think that that funk you smell is due to how much sweat you're producing, WebMD begged to differ. Sweat is practically odorless, according to the site. But the bacteria that festers in that breeding ground is what will get you. "What you smell is the products related to bacteria breakdown of keratin protein on the surface of your skin." In order to keep yourself smelling fresh, get yourself clean.


Your Hair Gets Greasy

Ah, yes. The ever present greasy-hair conundrum. Though the beauty industry has come leaps and bounds with the dry shampoo available in the last decade, there's no substitute for your good old shampoo and conditioner. And your scalp is a scary good breeding ground for bacteria too, according to an interview with Holly L. Roberts for Livestrong. "Excess oil gives bacteria the food they need to thrive and proliferate," Roberts said. Not only will your hair inevitably get greasy, it'll start to smell too. That bacteria really loves an un-showered body.


You're Prone To Breakouts

Just like your scalp, your face is lush with oil-producing glands. According to a WebMD interview with Ayren Jackson-Cannady, the face has the most oil-producing glands on your entire body. This means that your face is prone to breaking out when you're not taking care of it properly. After all, every day, your face handles dirt, dust, bacteria, and makeup, which all clog your pores. If you're not washing your face on the reg, you're providing acne a perfect playground.


You're Inviting Germs To Party

Your skin is lush with bacteria. It's a fact. According to The Huffington Post, right now there's probably around 1,000 species of bacteria on your skin. Just the thought of it makes me itch. Most of the bacteria is actually good for you, according to the site. But when you don't shower, you're pretty much inviting germs to come and party on with all of that bacteria, making your skin a questionably germy place to be.


You Increase Your Risk Of Infection

The only thing worse for your skin than skipping a shower for a few days is skipping a shower after you've worked out. In an interview for Women's Health, Holly L. Phillips, M.D., said that not showering after you work out can lead to irritation and the risk of skin breakdown. Blech. "This can raise your risk of bacterial and fungal infections, like staph bacteria or the fungus that causes jock itch," Phillips said.


You Can Develop Skin Spots

The accumulation of dirt on your skin isn't just for cartoons, like our pal Pig-Pen up there. Dermatitis neglecta is a very real condition, according to the National Institutes of Health. Not showering means that you're prone to dirt accumulating on your skin, but if you keep that not-showering up, the dirt can begin to act like plaque, and start spreading into large brown patches on your skin. Um, no thanks.


You Can Worsen Pre-Existing Skin Conditions

If you're already laden with less than lovely skin conditions like eczema, not showering can actually inflame your skin, and make things worse, according to the National Eczema Association. This is because when you bathe, you help keep your skin from drying out any further. Do yourself a favor, and hop in the shower. It'll only make your day better, I promise.