7 Weird Things That Happen When You Masturbate

It's no secret that your body does all kinds of incredible things when it comes to sex, orgasms, and masturbation. But the truth of the matter some pretty weird stuff goes down during a self-love session, too. Yeah,there are some weird things that happen when you masturbate. But don't worry — they're not bad-weird. Just the kind of things that you wouldn't quite expect to happen as a side-effect to masturbation. Because when it comes down to it, the human body is a pretty weird (and amazing) thing to be a part of.

Though masturbation may have been considered a taboo practice in the past, in this day and age, society is well past that idea. Masturbation is a perfectly healthy practice, and all of the incredible things that happen to your body while you masturbate are plenty of reason to participate, if the sheer idea of pleasure isn't enough to convince you. And if you needed a few more weird (but very cool) things to add to your list of reasons to masturbate, look no further. By engaging in a little self love, you can do things like strengthen your muscles, curb your junk food cravings, and more. Read on, and surprise yourself with just how many crazy things masturbation can add to your world.


Your Immune Function Increases

That's right, masturbation can actually help your immune functions. In men, especially. A 2004 study found that men who masturbate raise their levels of leukocytes, which are an important part of the body's immune system. Another study found that masturbation also releases the hormone cortisol, which helps strengthen and maintain your immune system.


Your Pelvic Floor Gets Stronger

According to the Women's Health Network, masturbating can actually strengthen your pelvic floor. And when you have a strong pelvic floor, it helps prevent urinary incontinence and helps promote your overall sexual health. Kind of a win-win, huh?


Your Pain Threshold Goes Up

That's right, your pain threshold maximizes when you masturbate. A famous 1985 Rutgers University study found that pain tolerance increased by almost 75 percent in women who were masturbating. This is likely due to the release of oxytocin during orgasm, according to WebMD.


Your Imagination Skyrockets

When you're aroused, you're more likely to think of sexy situations, it's a no brainer. A 2011 study revealed that women who indulge in sexy daydreams release testosterone, which naturally raises your libido and gets you more aroused in turn. It's like a never ending happy circle of getting turned on to daydream about things that turn you on.


It Can Knock You Out

Having trouble sleeping? Why not get yourself off an lull yourself to sleep? In an interview with Huffington Post, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Northwestern University Dr. Lauren Streicher said masturbating can help you fall asleep. “Generally people do sleep better after masturbating, but very often it’s from feeling relaxed and satisfied,” Streicher said.


Your Junk Food Triggers Go Down

Increased levels of oxytocin lead you to feeling happier, which can keep your emotionally-trigged food cravings for junk food at bay. According to the Mayo Clinic, some of the strongest food cravings hit when you are at your weakest point emotionally. Upping your mood by masturbating? Curbing those cravings? Sounds like a sure fire way to satisfy yourself on more than one level.


Your Gut Settles Down

According to Alexandra Jamieson, author of Women, Food, and Desire, your stomach and your mind are inextricably linked. In fact, a 2013 study agreed that your gastrointestinal tract can activate neural pathways. According to Jamieson, a client of hers who wasn't dating or masturbating was having troubles with bloating, digestion, and more. Jamieson took her client to pick out a vibrator, and urged her to explore her body. After a couple of weeks of regular self-pleasure, her client noticed a marked difference in her digestion and bloating. Uh, yeah. That's something I'd totally give a shot.