7 Weird Things To Buy For Your Boobs While Pregnant — You'll Thank Us Later

Breasts undergo some pretty intense changes during pregnancy, so they may need more TLC than usual. When soreness and leaking occur, knowing about the weird things to buy for your boobs while pregnant can be a lifesaver. Pregnancy is uncomfortable enough already, and no one wants to suffer from sore boobs all day on top of that.

For starters, address the changes in your breast size. Pregnancy often causes breasts to increase by a cup size or two, according to Baby Center, so you'll probably need some new bras sooner rather than later. A collection of maternity bras, nursing bras, and sleep bras will be your new best friends, and anything with an underwire should be burned in a fire. (The increased tenderness is no joke.)

In addition, increased sensitivity and tenderness in the breasts and nipples is a common occurrence in pregnancy. Thanks to the release of pregnancy hormones, your breasts and nipples may feel sore, according to the website for Parents. To ease the irritation, try some nipple creams and balms. Hey, you might find a favorite nipple product even before breastfeeding starts, so that's a bonus.

Lastly, there's the leakage issue. For some women, nipples can start leaking as soon as week 14 of pregnancy, according to the National Health Service. If this concerns you, investing in some maternity breast pads or nursing pads can help absorb that leakage. Essentially, breasts can exhibit all sorts of changes early in pregnancy, so it's smart to know how to handle these changes accordingly.


Sleep Bra

Wire-free sleep bra, $11+, Amazon

Wait, it's actually marketed as this? It doesn't have to be anything fancy, or even maternity-related. But a comfy sleep bra can hold everything in place and help you rest easy. The pullover style is stretchy and made to maximize comfort, and honestly, no one is going to judge you if you decide to wear it in between sleep sessions, too.


Nipple Balm

Organic nipple balm, $12, Amazon

It's like lip balm for your nips. If your nipples are chapping, try a soothing balm. You probably weren't expecting this to happen until after the baby was born, but your nips can become dry and eventually crack even while you're pregnant, as one concerned woman wrote on The Bump, and a doctor confirmed. This balm contains olive oil and shea butter to hydrate tender skin. Plus, it is safe to use while breastfeeding, so keep it on hand even when your nipples have seemingly returned to normal, because you'll probably need it once you start breastfeeding.


Nursing Pads AKA Reusable Pantiliners For Your Bra

Organic bamboo breastfeeding pads, $14, Amazon

Sometimes a wadded-up tissue isn't enough to catch the flow that can come from your breasts even before you've had your baby. Sorry to break it to you. These pads are super-soft, absorbent, and washable.


Breast Support Pillow

Breast support pillow, $36, Amazon

Need more support? The pillow is marketed as a way to support any woman's larger breasts, and it's specifically mentioned as a helpful solution to deal with pregnancy-related breast tenderness. Would you wear one at night? Maybe not now, but you might think differently once the weight of your bosom is bringing you down.


Ice Pack

Breast gel bead ice pack, $14, Amazon

Although it looks like something for your kid to gnaw on when it's teething time, or something you would put on your face at the spa, these little packs are all for you and your boobs. Women start to feel tenderness in their breasts when they're pregnant — we won't even get into all the fun you're in store for when breastfeeding — and these pads, which can be used warmed in the microwave or chilled in the fridge, will provide some relief.


Breast Warming Pack

Breast heating pack, $40+, Etsy

Is this some kind of stretch band to use at the gym? Nope, this device is a wearable warming (and also cooling) pack — er, sling? — for your boobs. Like the item above, pop it in the microwave or freezer for a bit to reap the therapeutic benefits.


Boob Oil

Breast Health Massage Oil, $13, Etsy

Another thing that will happen to your breasts during pregnancy besides becoming tender, is that they will also grow — in some cases, a lot. Keeping them moisturized, as you will do with your growing belly, is important. This blend smells like herbs and flowers, and will probably soothe your mind as much as your boobs.

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