7 Weird Things Your Partner Only Does For You When They're In Love

by Lauren Schumacker

When you're in a relationship with someone, chances are you do all kinds of different things that might qualify as weird, depending on the stage of relationship you're in. But there are some weird things that your partner only does for you when they're in love, so if you're looking for signs that things might be getting more serious from their perspective (or you're just curious about if the weird things they tend to do actually, in fact, show love), these sorts of things are some for which you should look out.

People in love are pretty much notorious for doing strange or big things. Just look at how love is often depicted in pop culture. Someone writes a seriously-emotional love letter, or they plan a flash-mob, or they show up outside your house with a boombox over their head. Real life can sometimes have a tendency for being a bit weirder than the movies, however, so the things that your partner does that show just how much they really love you might be stranger as well (though perhaps no less sweet and romantic). Sometimes your partner might do things that seem quirky or odd to you, but it's just one more way they're showing you how much they really do care.


Put The Toothpaste On Your Toothbrush

Even if it's just a super tiny thing, like putting toothpaste on your toothbrush for you or hitting the start button on the coffeemaker in the morning, these kinds of gestures are things that tend to only be done for people about whom you truly care. Jessica McCormack, LMFT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, tells Romper by email that this is something that happens in her own relationship. "This small gesture is just an act of kindness and consideration for the other that we have decided is important in our relationship," she explains. It doesn't have to be something that makes a major impact — sometimes the smallest gestures can be pretty meaningful as well.


Do Things That Are A Bit Embarrassing

Sometimes weird things and things that might be a little bit embarrassing, like dancing if you're a terrible dancer, can overlap. But one of the ways that your partner might show that they care for you is by doing something that's a bit embarrassing for them because they know that it's something that'll mean something to you, as Brides said. So go with it and recognize that it's coming from a place of love.


3.Talk About Or Do Things That You Care About That Aren't Their Typical Things

Though you and your partner likely have some things in common, you probably also have some differences. "My partner is a very logical and analytical guy, so when he starts to dream and fantasize about our life together in a lake house, or owning wave runners, or driving through mountains in a corvette, it's out of the ordinary of his very pragmatic ways," McCormack says. "I'm very much the 'nesting' type when I feel lovey-dovey, so when he behaves that way or engages in those topics I feel close to him and it feels like he thinks about our future not just from a retirement savings standpoint."

When your partner does things for you that aren't necessarily their thing, but that tap into what you connect with or value, that's a sign that they really do love you.


Picks Up Something You Love When You're Having A Hard Time

No matter what you consider a treat, it can be nice to be surprised with that thing when you're going through something difficult, feeling sad, or having a bad day. If your partner picks up something that they know you love when you're struggling, that's definitely one way that they might show that they love you. "It shows that they know you well enough to know that you’re feeling down," Heidi McBain, MA, LMFT, LPC, RPT, a licensed marriage and family therapist, tells Romper by email. "It also shows that they know the little things that will make you feel a little better when you’re not feeling like yourself. Plus, it shows that they’re willing to go out of their way to support you, including stopping by the store for your favorite treats."


Talk Through The Dogs Or Babies To You

Part of showing love in relationships often can include being a bit silly together. Talking to each other through the dogs or babies are one way that this might play out regularly in your own relationship, even though observers might think it's a little weird. "He will tell me how pretty I look while holding one of the dogs on his lap, using the dog to gesture at me," McCormack says. "We both know how outrageous this is, but we laugh so hard and end up in a cuddle pile with the dogs. It's a lighthearted way for him to open up to me and connect."


Do Things That Are Super Out Of Character

When your partner chooses to do something out of character, that can sometimes be one way that your partner might show that they're in love, as relationship expert April Masini, told Brides in the aforementioned article. Maybe spending a lazy Sunday morning cuddling on the couch with coffee instead of heading to the gym, going out to brunch, or running errands is something sort of new for them. That can certainly be one sign that they love you.


Put Your Towel In The Dryer When You Hop In The Shower

Using a warm towel to dry off after getting out of the shower is such a delight. McCormack says that this is another kind of gesture that can show that your partner is in love, even though it's something very minor. "I think what's most important is that the little quirks each couple has creates connection or closeness. By its nature of being in love and behaving that way, couples then reinforce the behavior and tend to do more of it," she adds. It tells you that your partner is thinking about you, even in just a small way.

What your partner does for you and what you do for them might seem weird to you or to others, but even small things done from a place of love can show you that your relationship is solid and your connection is real.