7 Wine Pairings For Every 4th Trimester Moment

The first few months postpartum make up a transitional period that sometimes called the "fourth trimester." You'll probably spend much of the fourth trimester getting your bearings and returning to your pre-baby self. There are plenty of ups and downs, but by the end of it all, you've become stronger. You're a mom after all. One of the best parts about being postpartum is that you can finally have that glass of wine you've been craving for the last nine months. So when the poopy diaper hits the fan, you can pair your favorite wine with the mess.

It's important to follow recommended guidelines if you breastfeed and want to have a glass of wine. Baby Center noted that you should wait at least two hours after having an alcoholic beverage before breastfeeding your baby. It's probably a good idea to wait until your baby won't need to nurse for a few hours if you plan on having a drink. You might even consider keeping some previously expressed breast milk handy so that you don't have to worry about your newborn's unpredictable hunger schedule. Additionally, for the safety of your baby, don't bed-share or breastsleep on nights that you've been drinking. It's important to note that if drinking has become a daily coping mechanism, you should contact your doctor right away.

Here are some wines you can pair with the rigors of the fourth trimester.


When Your House Feels Like A Circus

If you've got a big family who can't get enough of your new little one, your house might feel like it's been taken over by a traveling circus. At the end of a long day of visitors, unwind with a glass of Michael David Winery's Petite Petit petite sirah.


When You Could Use A Hand (Or 14)

Take advantage of all your visitors and ask them to lend you a hand. Your relatives can take charge of cooking, housework, and help with the care of any other children in the household while you get some much needed rest, and maybe even sneak a glass of 14 Hands merlot to celebrate.


When The Hospital Bills Come In

Lovingly known as Two Buck Chuck (although the last time Chuck and I partied, he was closer to $3), Charles Shaw wines from Trader Joe's pair perfectly with a tight wallet. Who can beat a bottle of wine that's more affordable than a latte?


When You're Still Figuring Things Out

Courtesy of Yvette Manes

Life can get confusing in the early days after bringing home baby. Schedules are unpredictable, sleep is rare, and your baby seems to change from one day to the next. Try a glass of this white blend by Conundrum while you get it all in order.


When Your In-Laws Ask When You're Planning To Get Pregnant Again

You are just beginning to figure out how to handle one baby when your in-laws start asking about baby number two. Once your precious only-child is in bed, pour yourself a glass of Seven Daughters moscato (but if it makes you frisky, be safe unless you're ready to fulfill your in-law's dreams of Irish grand-twins.)


When You Finally Get The House In Order

It may only last a few minutes, but celebrate an orderly house with a glass of Unanime by Mascota Vineyards. It's a blend of cabernet sauvignon, malbec, and cabernet franc. Total Wine voted this the best wine of 2016, so it has to be good.


When You're Proud Of The Mom You've Become

You are finally figuring out this whole parenting thing. It's time to pat yourself on the back. They say that pride is one of the seven deadly sins, so if you're going to be sinning, you might as well be zin-ing, with The Seven Deadly Zins old vine zinafandel by Michael David.