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7 Women We'd Love To See On 'The Voice' Alongside New Coach Gwen Stefani

If you're a fan of singing competitions — and The Voice in particular — then you were likely a bit saddened by Friday's news. Because after serving as a coach for 16 seasons, it turns out Adam Levine is leaving the NBC series, E! Online reported. It'll be difficult to replace someone as talented as the Maroon 5 singer. (Or someone as sarcastically hilarious, for that matter.) But alas, the show must go on. With this in mind, let's take a look at 7 women wed' love to see on The Voice in the read chairs alongside new coach Gwen Stefani.

Although Levine had previously been announced as part of Season 17, it looks like Gwen Stefani will be replacing him instead. (Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson will be returning alongside Stefani.) The move to end his run was actually Levine's choice, Carson Daly explained on Friday, May 24 during Today's Pop Start segment.

Although it looks like Stefani is for sure back, let's go ahead and imagine what it would be like if a different female singer were to fill Levine's seat instead. Just for funsies. Because although Stefani is amazing, she has already served as a coach during seasons seven, nine, and 12, according to USA Today. So The Voice has an opportunity here to really switch things up. What about ...

Jessica Simpson

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When Jessica Simpson is around, things are always interesting. I mean, her Instagram feed is solid proof that she can be hilariously blunt — to the point of TMI — while also being sweet and sincere. (Not to mention she was a damn good performer back in the day.) And I have no doubt that she would bring her signature charm and wit to The Voice if she were to become a coach.


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There's no doubt about it: Pink is a bad*ss. She's not only a phenomenal singer, feminist, and mom, but she has zero issue telling it like it is. If anyone could fill Adam Levine's shoes as being a critical, yet respected judge, Pink is the woman for the job. And I have a feeling there would be some heated disagreements going on with Blake Shelton, too.


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If Beyoncé were a coach on The Voice, I have a feeling the number of viewers could potentially triple. The Bey Hive is fiercely loyal, after all. Besides, I mean, who wouldn't want to see Queen Bey dishing on her secrets to fame and fortune? Beyoncé would coach her team to dance and sing like no one's business.

Cardi B

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There's never a dull moment when Cardi B is around, okurrrrt? She's an awesome performer, and her "rags to riches" story could be very relatable for contestants who are just starting out. I have a feeling Cardi could also help contestants be comfortable unapologetically embracing who they are. Producers would definitely have to bleep out quite a bit if she were on the show, though.

Taylor Swift

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With her experience in both the country music and pop music realms, Taylor Swift would be such a versatile coach on The Voice. Having her on the show would also bump up ratings significantly, in my opinion. Except, would T-Swift even have time for this side gig — considering she's working on a new album and likely a new tour?

Carrie Underwood

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I mean, Carrie Underwood got her start in the music business thanks to a singing competition. She won Season 4 of American Idol back in 2005, after all. So she would be in good company with Kelly Clarkson also serving as a coach. Having Underwood on the show would also give the aspiring country singers an option other than Blake Shelton.

Hilary Duff

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I don't know about you, but I definitely remember Hilary Duff's Metamorphosis days. (That album was particularly epic for Lizzie McGuire fans.) Although she's focused more on her acting career since then, I still think she would be fantastic as a coach on The Voice. Bonus: I have a feeling her personality and Blake Shelton's would clash — resulting in another "frenemy" relationship. Because honestly, I have a feeling that's what fans will miss most about losing Adam Levine.