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7 Words Baby Will Say At 1 Year Old

In the beginning, your baby can only communicate with you through cries, leaving you to use your detective skills to figure out what she's trying to tell you. But it won't be long before she begins to use coos and other basic sounds to express herself. But when does it turn into something you can actually understand? As she begins to babble, you may be wondering exactly what words should be a part of her vocabulary. If you're concerned that your little Einstein isn't saying enough, you might want to know exactly what words your kids should be saying at 12 months.

According to What To Expect, most babies begin communicating with words between 9 and 14 months. And although the average child can say up to three words at 12 months, they can understand about 50 words, according to the PBS Parent's website. And that number is growing every day. By age 2, your child should know between 200 and 300 words, according to

You can help your baby with his growing vocabulary by doing plenty of talking. As What To Expect suggested, describing activities as you move throughout your day can help baby begin to associate words with the appropriate object or action. Additionally, reading and singing are great ways to introduce your child to new words and sounds.

As always, this list is meant to be a guide. If your child isn't saying saying much, give it time. Soon "why" will become his favorite word and you'll long for the days when all he did was grin and drool.



It's common for a parent's name to be among baby's first words. After all, he knows where his next meal is coming from. As WebMD mentioned, by 12 months most babies can say "mama."



Much to Mommy's dismay, Daddy often has the honor of being the first one baby can call by name. But don't worry, it's not that he has a preference, it's usually because the sound is easier for him to make. WebMD also mentioned "dada" as one of the first words babies can babble at this age.



As Parents mentioned, around 12 months, babies are often able to say "hi" when someone comes to visit.



And when it's time to go, babies at this age know that "bye-bye" is appropriate, as Parents mentioned. You will probably get an adorable little wave along with it.



If your baby drinks from a bottle, he may be able to ask for it by name when he's hungry. As What To Expect pointed out, around 12 months, many babies can say "ba-ba" when they are referring to their bottle.



If you have a family pet, your baby may be able to call for him somewhere around 12 months. "Dog" or something very close to it can be among the words your baby can use at this age.



When you have a baby, accidents are common. So by her first birthday, she's probably heard her fair share of exclamations. Somewhere around 12 months, you may hear "uh oh" when your baby makes a spill, as the Mayo Clinic mentioned.