74 Things With 5-Star Ratings On Amazon Even Picky People Will Love

It's a truth universally acknowledged that buying gifts for picky people can feel like expensive and fruitless guesswork. But picky people often get a bad rap — after all, there's nothing wrong with having a specific taste or style. And, if you know where to look, there are plenty of gifts even the hardest-to-please people will love. I'm talking about brilliant Amazon products that stand up to the scrutiny of even your most fault-finding friend or family member.

The reason I know the picky person in your life will love them: These gifts actually work, and work well. But you don't have to take it from me. These presents boast hundreds of five-star ratings and reviews that praise them as downright life-changing.

From a trifold makeup mirror with adjustable light settings to a kitchen gadget that can cook up to six eggs at once, these gifts solve problems you didn't even realize could pop up, or deliver a new and better version of a product you already own. And you can bet that even the most difficult person to shop for will appreciate that.

So, whether you consider yourself a picky shopper or are buying gifts for a hard-to-please person in your life, this list has a treasure chest of products for picky folks who won't settle for anything less than amazing.


A Soothing LED Night Lamp That Creates A Light Show On Walls

This soothing LED night light projects an aurora light show on walls and ceilings and offers a choice of eight light colors and an auto shut-off function that turns off after one hour. You can connect the lamp to your device and use it to play lullabies or nature sounds that lull you to sleep. One fan raves, "The lighting effect was WAY better than I expected. I bought this as a present for a friend and will be buying one for myself, too!"


This Slow Cooker That Can Roast A 26-Pound Turkey Evenly & Fast

This electric slow cooker roaster churns out perfectly cooked turkeys (up to 26 pounds) and frees up major space in your oven so you can use it to whip up all those yummy side dishes. Best of all: It boasts a self-basting lid that retains moisture for juicier meat. With nearly 1,000 five-star reviews, this cooker is a kitchen essential that will save space, money, and hassle.


This Compact Single Person Coffee Maker That's Super Easy To Clean

Brewing a cup of coffee for one should be, above all else, free of drama and mess — and this single cup coffee maker delivers on that promise. Compatible with most K-cup capsules, it starts brewing with the touch of one button, is lightweight enough that you can bring it to the office, and even comes in five colors. And when it's time to clean, the drip tray is easily removable.


The Echo Auto That'll Upgrade Your Car — It's 60% Off Right Now

Add Alexa to your car with the Echo Auto, which syncs to your phone and plays directly through your car’s speakers. Use it to check traffic and weather, stream music, listen to books on Audible, and more — all hands free.


A 9-In-1 Multitool Pen That Fits In Your Pocket

While first and foremost, this multitool pen serves as a classic ballpoint pen, it also has eight other functions: It's a stylus, ruler, level, Phillips head screwdriver, flathead, and a score. No matter what jam you get into on the go, you'll be glad to have this tucked away in your pocket or purse. It even comes in five colors to match your personal preference.


An Anxiety-Reducing Weighted Blanket For Cozier Nights

This 15-pound weighted blanket has a reputation for reducing anxiety and helping with insomnia — just ask the hundreds of reviewers who have given it five stars on Amazon. Reviewers say the seven-layer blanket, which is weighed down by glass beads, will instantly make you feel more relaxed. And the duvet cover is removable and washable, so you can run it through the washer whenever you need.


An Electric Fondue Maker That Can Serve Up To Eight People

Why spend hours cooking when you can easily melt cheese or chocolate in this electric fondue maker and provide party guests with a dining experience they'll love? The fondue maker comes with eight fondue forks, a stainless steel and non-stick 3-quart bowl, and features an adjustable temperature range that's perfect for experimenting with different ingredients.


This Smart Plug That Lets You Turn Electronics On & Off From Anywhere

Compatible with Alexa, Cortana, and Google Home, this smart plug will turn your space into a glorified smart home. Not only can you turn your lights off and on with your phone (from anywhere), you can schedule your appliances and devices to turn off when it's convenient for you. With over 8,000 five-star reviews, this is a gift anyone would love.


A Whimsical Silicone Tea Infuser That Hangs Over Your Cup

Steeping loose tea just became that much easier. Fill up this fun silicone tea infuser with loose tea leaves and leave its arms hanging over the side of your cup while it brews the perfect cup of tea. This infuser is safe in your microwave and dishwasher and it won't affect the taste or smell of your tea.


A Natural Sheet Mask For Every One Of Your Skin Care Needs

With 16 sheet masks at your disposal it's simple to find the one you need to address whatever skin dilemma you're dealing with that day. These natural K-beauty masks include ingredients like soothing cucumber, collagen-building snail essence, and pore-refining charcoal. One fan raves, "Seriously a great bang-for-your-buck. There are so many different types of masks that I can pick the problem area that I would like to focus on for the day."


This Amazon Echo Flex Mini Smart Speaker For 60% Off Right Now

Expand your Alexa throughout your home with the Echo Flex, which has 36,000 reviews and a 4.4-star rating. It plugs into any open outlet so you can control your smart electronics, manage your day, and ask for instant information — plus it has a built-in USB port for your phone charger or an add-on night light.


A Lightweight Handheld Vacuum You Can Use On Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces

You'd be hard-pressed to find a lighter and more efficient handheld vacuum cleaner on the market. But what really sets this vacuum apart is the design. With a rotating head that can be used horizontally and vertically, you'll be able to suck up debris on furniture, floors, and hard to reach stairs. It also has a 20-foot cord and a dust canister that's simple to empty and clean for easy cleaning.


This Eyeshadow Palette With Matte & Shimmering Nude Shades

Most beauty lovers search high and low for the perfect collection of nude eyeshadow shades — and this palette contains them all — 16 warm bronze and smoky colors in matte, metallic, shimmering, and satin finishes. The price can't be beat, reviewers rave about the long-lasting impact of these highly-pigmented shades, and the palette is compact and easy to bring anywhere. With over 3,000 five-star reviews, you can bet the picky person in your life will love this one.


This Genius Kitchen Gadget That Can Cook Six Eggs At Once

Love eggs, but never quite sure how long you should cook them? This egg cooker can prepare up to six hard boiled or soft boiled eggs and it comes with a tray for poached and scrambled eggs and omelettes. Set the device with the push of a button and a buzzer goes off when your eggs are ready. An egg-cellent gift, wouldn't you say? (I'll show myself out.)


An Illuminated Toilet Bowl For Nighttime Bathroom Trips

Swap a traditional night light for this LED toilet bowl light, which has a built-in sensor that detects body heat and motion and turns on whenever you approach it. The soft light can be set to one of 16 colors (carousel mode is also an option) and it has a five-stage dimmer. It even comes with a lifetime warranty.


A Space-Saving Knife Set In A Clear Acrylic Stand

This quality 14-piece knife set comes with a chef, bread, carving, paring, and utility knives, as well as six steak knives, a scissor, and a sharpener. But the real draw here (aside from the fact that reviewers say they knives cut like a dream), is the transparent acrylic stand, which is sleek, modern, and won't take up too much counter space.


The Fire TV Stick Lite & Alexa Remote Bundle That's 40% Off Right Now

For less than $20 while it's on sale, get the new 2020 Lite version of the fan-favorite Fire TV Stick. If you don't need to control your television with the Fire Stick, this affordable little unit has you covered for effortless streaming you can control with your voice. It doesn't just work for Netflix and Prime video, either. Use it to play music, watch live TV, and more. It has a 4.8-star overall rating after more than 18,000 reviews, so you know it's a tried and true option. For another great deal, check out the Fire Stick 4K that comes with a voice-controlled Alexa remote. It's on sale for $39, which is 20% off its original price of $49.


This 100 Percent Silk Eye Mask That's Easy To Adjust

Made with 100 percent mulberry silk, this sleep mask glides on your face, blocks out most light, and won't pinch your nose or eyes. It has an adjustable strap and is totally free of velcro — so it won't get stuck in your hair at night. With a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and over 10,000 reviews, this mask is a fantastic gift for the picky person in your life.


A Family-Size Rice Cooker That Can Also Steam Meat & Veggies

Not only can this rice cooker yield up to 20 cups of rice, it can also steam and slow-cook meat and vegetables. Its digital control panel is easy to use and includes settings like "brown rice" and "flash rice," so you can customize the way you cook depending on what you're making. One fan sums it up: "I am absolutely in love with this! There's no more need for a separate crock pot and rice cooker anymore."


This 360-Degree Surveillance Camera That You Can Monitor On Your Phone

Install this surveillance camera inside or outside of your home (you can mount it on the wall or ceiling) and get real-time motion alerts sent to your phone. The camera is unique in that it provides 360-degree coverage, night vision, and scans dark rooms without emitting disturbing light beams.


An Affordable Makeup Brush Set That Comes In A Traveling Case

The brush set includes a pointed foundation brush, detailer, buffer, and contour brush — all designed with synthetic bristles that reviewers say won't shed — and they come in a portable case that fits in your purse or bag. Each of the four makeup brushes in this affordable set is labeled so you can easily find what you need.


This Set Of Three Seamless Sports Bras With Removable Padding

Extreme comfort and function meet style when you choose this seamless racerback sports bra, which has removable padding, medium support, and breathable, moisture-wicking fabric. You can purchase these bras in packs of three or four or as single sports bras in colors like blue, green, and rose.

  • Available Sizes: S-XXL (30A-44D)


An Eco-Friendly Cleaning Towel Alternative To Paper Towels

You'll save a bundle of money on paper towels and won't need to use chemical cleaners when you switch to these eco-friendly nano towels. Simply apply water and use them to clean a variety of surfaces, including wood and stainless steel. The towels are made with special Nanolon fiber that is extra absorbent, and come in grey or green.


The Plush Tablet Stand That Folds Out To Fit A Keyboard

Turn your iPad or tablet into a more efficient entertainment center when you rest it on this pad pillow tablet stand, which sits comfortably on your lap. The pillow has wrist support, a fold-out for a wireless laptop, and it comes in five colors. One reviewer raves, "This product is pure genius! My wrist was killing me from balancing my iPad while reclining, plus I couldn't use both hands. I had no idea anything like this existed and I am so glad I found it."


A Velvet-Soft Liquid Matte Lipstick In 36 Shades

Matte lipsticks often fall short because they can be too drying. But not this liquid matte lipstick, which is a cult-favorite thanks to a pigmented formula that lasts all day and feels velvety soft on your lips. Choose among 36 bold and vibrant colors, and join the thousands of fans who swear by this lipstick.


This Intensely Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum With Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews

This wildly popular hyaluronic acid face serum is safe for all skin types, and is free of parabens, oils, dyes, and fragrances (so those with sensitive skin: this serum is calling your name). Use it in the morning and evening for smoother, plumper skin that look and feels its healthy best.


A Trifold Lighted Mirror With Adjustable Settings For Flawless Makeup In Any Light

You can bring this trifold and two-sided lighted makeup mirror with you anywhere — it's lightweight and can be easily folded up and packed. And, take advantage of its four adjustable light settings to ensure your makeup looks its best no matter what light you stumble into. The mirror provides both 1X and 5X magnification.


A Top-Of-The-Line Frother For Lattes, Cappuccinos, & Delicious Coffee

Turn your favorite at home beverages into barista-quality treats. Easily make lattes, cappuccinos, and hot cocoa with this electric milk frother. With a stainless steel body and vacuum insulation to retain warmth, this gadget whips up both hot milk and cold milk froth in seconds.


This Therapeutic Foot Massager Roller That Targets Aches & Pains

The textured knobs on this dual foot massager roller provide a therapeutic acupressure massage that relieves aches and pains associated with plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and other conditions (as well as end-of-the-day fatigue). Made from quality wood and shaped to contour to your foot, this roller weighs less than 2 pounds, so you can discreetly use it anywhere.


These Tasty Gummy Vitamins For Healthy Hair & Nails

Nourish your hair, skin, and nails with these nutrient-packed gummy vitamins, which are vegetarian and contain 15 vitamins and minerals like vitamins E, C, A, B-12, biotin, and zinc. These gummies are flavored with real berries and taste so great you'll never forget to take them in the morning.


An Upgraded Version Of Your Broom For Hard Floors And Carpet

Pull out this carpet and floor sweeper to tackle everyday messes, whether they happen on hardwood floors, carpets, or stairs. Unlike traditional brooms, this sweeper has rotating brush rolls that pick up all kinds of debris and lock them in until you're ready to empty the sweeper and start over again.


A Straightening Brush With Adjustable Heat Settings For All Hair Types

Brush and straighten your hair at the same time with this heated hair straightener brush, which has adjustable heat temperatures and is safe on all hair types. The brush has an auto-off feature for safety purposes and can heat up in just 40 seconds, making it a super efficient (and safe) way to style your hair.


An Adjustable Standing Desk That's Better For Your Back

Create a healthy standing desk in any work environment with this adjustable laptop desk, which is made from sturdy aluminum with legs that can rotate 360 degrees to create the ideal viewing angle for you. This desk also comes with or without the option of a built-in cooling fan.


These Supportive Compression Socks For Long Days Spent On Your Feet

Whether you have a demanding job that requires you to spend hours on your feet or simply battle constant leg and foot fatigue, these compression socks are about to change your life. The knee-length socks provide medium support with graduated compression that boosts circulation and alleviates aches and discomfort. With nearly 10,000 reviews and 4.7 stars on Amazon, you'll want to snag a pair in one of nine colors.


This Trio Of Lenses That Helps You Take Professional Photos From Your Phone

Take professional-looking photos with your phone or tablet with the help of these three iPhone lenses: a wide angle lens for landscape photography, fisheye lens for round images, and a 10X magnification macro lens to capture subjects from a distance. The lenses easily attach to your device and create high-quality photos, according to over 2,000 reviewers.


An Eco-Friendly Set Of Soft, Hypoallergenic Bamboo Bed Sheets

Whether you suffer from allergies or just want the softest, most eco-friendly set of bed sheets you can find, these bamboo sheets are right up your alley. Made from a blend of 40 percent bamboo derived from rayon and 60 percent wrinkle-resistant brushed microfiber, these silky soft sheets are naturally hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites and other allergens. They come in six mattress sizes and 12 colors.


A Soothing Heated Massage Pillow For Your Back, Neck, & Legs

This heated massage pillow can be placed behind your back, neck, legs, or feet to deliver a soothing Shiatsu massage that targets tight muscles. The pillow has adjustable straps that you can secure to your chair for all-day back, shoulder, or neck relief and a 20-minute auto shut-off feature for peace of mind. Nearly 6,000 five-star reviews testify: This massage pillow is a slam dunk present.


This Easy-To-Clean Rotating Oven That Makes Pizza & Baked Treats

Make perfect pizzas, cookies, and other baked goods right on your countertop with this rotating oven, which heats foods from the top and bottom and rotates for even cooking. The electric oven has a nonstick pan that's way easier to clean than your actual oven and a timer goes off to let you know when your pizza and other goodies are ready.


This Vegan Body Lotion For Damaged & Dry Skin

Repair extremely dry, chapped, and irritated skin with this intensely moisturizing body lotion, which contains a wealth of effective ingredients like macadamia oil (a source of omega-7). You won't find a single nasty chemical or preservative in this vegan lotion and it's free of dyes, gluten, and fragrances.


An Electric Crockpot & Lunch Box So You Can Warm Up Food At The Office

Ditch the microwave and countless Tupperware containers and carry your lunch in this crock-pot food warmer, which can be plugged in to heat up your meal in a flash. The 20-ounce warmer has a removable, dishwasher-friendly inside container, a secure lid with a handle, and it comes in four colors. One fan raves, "I have had this shy of one year now. It is standing up to the test of time so far. I use it for lunch at work. I really like how the food tastes from this vs. the microwave."


These Relaxing Essential Oils For Aromatherapy & Massage

If you're new to the wonderful, healing world of essential oils, this kit provides eight of the most popular, pure therapeutic grade oils: lavender, frankincense, tea tree, lemongrass, peppermint, orange, rosemary, and eucalyptus. Reviewers say they use them to help with insomnia, stress, and even the common cold.


A Durable Double Hammock That Takes Minutes To Set Up

When you're far from home and roughing it in the great outdoors, you need equipment that's going to hold up, no matter how extreme the conditions — and this quality double hammock passes that test. It can hold up to 500 pounds, takes just minutes to set up, and comes with a convenient travel pouch.


This Powerful Sonic Electric Toothbrush With A Built-In Timer

If you're considering switching to an electric toothbrush to get your teeth and gums even cleaner, this Sonicare toothbrush is considered a stellar choice, thanks its powerful sonic technology that removes more plaque than a manual brush. It also has a two-minute timer to ensure you're brushing for long enough, and bristles that gradually fade in color to let you know when it's time to replace your brush head.


A Heat-Resistant Silicone Spatula Set That Covers Every Cooking And Baking Need

This set of three silicone spatulas includes a large spatula, small spatula, and a spoonula that you'll use on a daily basis while cooking and baking. They're heat resistant up to 600 degrees and have quality stainless steel handles that will stand the test of time, wear, and tear.


This Sharp Grater & Zester For Garlic, Cheese, & Citrus Garnishes

Shred garlic, ginger, chocolate, cheese, and even tough citrus rinds using this ultra-sharp stainless steel zester/grater. Your meals will be more flavorful and this tool won't add to your daily duties — it's dishwasher safe, so just pop it into the top rack when you're finished using it.


An Exfoliating Coffee Scrub For Smoother, Softer Skin

Slough away dead skin cells and reveal healthy, smooth, and soft skin when you use this natural coffee body scrub as part of your shower routine. The gentle but effective formula is made with exfoliating coffee grounds and Dead Sea salt, as well as hydrating Shea butter and coconut oil, so you'll get the best of both worlds.


This Convenient Travel Case For Electronics & Accessories

Designed specifically for small electronics like phones, cameras, tablets, and accessories, this travel case features roomy mesh zippered pockets and it fits easily into your carry-on luggage. The EVA-plastic exterior also protects devices from damage, so you'll have one less thing to worry about when you travel.


This Wind-Proof Umbrella That Won't Flip Out In A Storm

An umbrella is only as useful as its ability to withstand strong winds and rain — and this one, with its vented double canopy construction, won't flip the second you leave your home in bad weather. The lightweight umbrella opens and closes with the touch of a button and comes in nine colors and designs, including polka dot.


A Painless Facial Hair Remover That's The Size Of A Tube Of Lipstick

If you choose to remove hair or peach fuzz from your face, arms, or other areas of your body, this hair remover tool glides across skin and gets the job done without pain or the risk of nicks and cuts. This battery-operated gadget has a built-in light to help you see fine hairs and it's small enough to pop into your purse or bag.


This Cooling Pad That Keeps Your Laptop From Overheating

If you use your laptop pretty much every hour you aren't sleeping, you know how quickly its battery can heat up. Cool things down by resting your computer on this laptop cooling pad, which has built-in fans that target your laptop's heat zones. The lightweight aluminum pad also props up your laptop to give you a better viewing angle and make work or gaming more comfortable.


An Orthopedic Memory Foam Seat Cushion For Back Support

If you suffer from back pain, this memory foam seat cushion provides the support you need to make it through a workday or hours of rush hour traffic in your car. The U-shaped cushion has a gel rubber bottom that stays put on chairs and its memory foam provides a contoured fit and springs back into shape after you've applied pressure on it.


This Multi-Pocketed Handbag Organizer So You Can Always Find Your Keys

You'll never lose your keys or phone in the dark depths of your purse again when you store everything you need to take with you in this handbag organizer. The organizer has 12 inner and outer pockets, including two zippered compartments, and it comes in 15 colors and prints and small, medium, and large sizes to suit every purse and bag you own.


A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker That Plays 10 Hours Of Music

Even if you submerge this Bluetooth shower speaker fully into water it will keep on playing music. The speaker connects to devices that are as far as 33 feet away and provides up to 10 hours of continuous music or radio play, making shower or bath time that much more soothing and enjoyable.


These Colorful Resistance Bands For Toned Muscles

No offense to classic barbells, but they aren't the easiest to store in your home. These resistance bands help build and tone your muscles, and can then be packed away in their accompanying travel bag and stored on a shelf or in a closet. This set of six color-coded bands come in weights that vary from 3 to 23 pounds and you'll get two handles, two ankle straps, and a door anchor. You can even stack the bands during workouts to increase resistance.


This Motivational Self-Help Book That Will Inspire You To Live Your Best Life

Need a bit of motivation to start living your best life? Look no further than this wildly popular self-help book by Jen Sincero, which humorously explores the reasons you might be getting in your own way and how to overcome obstacles and be your most badass self.


An Eco-Conscious Set Of Stainless Steel Straws That Kick Plastic To The Curb

Reusable straws are far better for the environment than their plastic counterparts. That's why this set of four stainless steel straws is a can't-fail gift. They're bent on top and are even long enough to fit inside of 20- and 30-ounce tumblers. The straws are also resistant to rust and scratches and come with their own cleaning brush.


These Silicone Ice Molds That Create Bigger Cubes For Colder Drinks

Make larger ice cubes that won't melt as fast and dilute tasty cocktails and drinks with these sphere ice molds, made from long-lasting silicone. The dishwasher-safe molds can be filled with water or juice to create generous 2.5-inch spheres. One fan raves, "I have tried a few different ice molds and these are amazing. I have already bought more to and given them to other people as gifts because I enjoy them so much."


This Fun Party Game That Turns Everyone Into A Secret Agent

Get up to eight of your closest friends together for a ridiculously fun game of Codenames, a challenging word game that splits you into teams to compete and find out the identities of secret agents who are working for you. Reviewers say newbies will have no problem understanding the game rules in about five minutes and that even children and teens can play.


A Versatile Handheld Massager With Four Interchangeable Massage Heads

This handheld electric massager relieves muscle pain in a flash and has four interchangeable massage heads that are a breeze to attach and detach. Whether you opt for the deep muscle, four finger, raised bump, or "accupoint" massage head, your achy back, neck, shoulders legs, and feet will thank you.


This Deep Pore-Cleansing Vegan Soap Made With Charcoal & Dead Sea Salt

Clogged pores don't stand a chance against this natural soap bar, which is made with an exfoliating, detoxing, and hydrating blend of activated charcoal, Dead Sea salt, and incredible oils like olive and sunflower oil. You can use this vegan soap on your body and face — it's free of chemicals and preservatives.


A Multi-Tasking Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Pot & Lid/Skillet Duo

There's nothing better than multi-tasking cookware — and this cast iron combo cooker would easily snag a prize for the best pan/pot/lid combo around. The set includes a pre-seasoned 3.2-quart pan that can be used for frying or as a Dutch oven and a lid that doubles as a shallow skillet or griddle.


This Lightweight Translucent Powder That Sets Your Makeup For Hours

This fan-favorite translucent setting powder is lightweight, won't clog your pores, and is free of perfumes and other irritating ingredients. Reviewers of all skin types and skin tones love this loose powder, and even say that it works better than expensive designer powders. One reviewer raves, "This product is fantastic! It does not cake, or leave you with that weird dry/fuzzy look. It lasts longer than other powders."


This Contoured Memory Foam Pillow That Prevents Back Pain

Prevent back pain before it has a chance to start with this incredibly comfortable and supportive memory foam contour pillow, which promotes spinal alignment and cradles your neck, head, and shoulders. The pillow comes in standard, queen, and travel sizes and includes a removable, washable cotton cover.


An Easy & Fast Quesadilla Maker For Fun, Festive Meals

Whip up delicious and fun quesadillas with this quesadilla maker, which can cook up to six wedges in just five minutes. The gadget has a lid that locks to prevent messy counters and a non-stick cooking surface that you can simply wipe clean with a sponge or towel.


A Sunrise Alarm Clock That'll Wake You Up Without Any Loud Noises

Early morning wake-up calls are much kinder and gentler when you own this sunrise alarm clock, which gradually lightens to mimic an actual sunrise, rousing you naturally. The clock also offers five natural sounds to lull you to sleep and a dimmable night light.


An Interactive Baby Monkey Toy That Sits On Your Finger

Who can resist an adorable interactive baby monkey that responds to sounds, motions, and touch, and rests on your finger? This wildly popular Fingerling toy comes in six colors and is a can't fail gift for any parent or child.


This Belgian Waffle Maker That Flips For Perfectly Cooked Breakfasts

If you love the taste of homemade waffles, but (like many cooks) dread the moment you have to flip over your creation and batter inevitably drips everywhere, this is the Belgian waffle maker for you. Not only does it churn out a thick, delicious waffle, but the gadget easily flips 180 degrees for even cooking and then locks in place vertically for storage.


A Peaceful Himalayan Salt Lamp/Night Light With A Dimmer Switch

This natural Himalayan salt night light adds calm, peaceful charm, and balance to your bedroom. The lamp has a dimmer switch to control brightness and a 6-foot cord. One fan raves, "It produces such a warm, welcoming and relaxing glow. I especially love the dimmer switch that allows you to adjust the amount of light it produces. This works great when you want to leave it on over night, but don't want the light to be so bright that it keeps you awake at night."


This Nourishing Hemp Seed Body Lotion That Calms Irritated Skin

Relieve irritated, dry, and sensitive skin with this 100 percent pure hemp seed oil body lotion, which is vegan and free of THC. The lotion's ingredient list reveals a banquet of nourishing, hydrating additives: Shea butter, ginseng, and vitamins C, E, and A.


The Ultimate Tea Lover's Variety Box Set With 48 Tea Bags

This 48-count tea bag set is designed for tea lovers. The variety gift box includes some of the most popular varieties, including English Breakfast, Earl Grey, organic peppermint, and chamomile. For just $11, this set is a steal for anyone who enjoys a cuppa tea.


An Organic Coffee So Strong It Comes With A Warning

You know you're dealing with an extremely strong ground coffee when the bag features a skull and cross bones on the front and a humorous (but also accurate) warning on the back. This organic and fair trade dark roast coffee has a bold, rich taste and reviewers agree that one cup will rev your engine unlike any other.


A Vacuum-Insulated Water Bottle That Comes With Two Lids

Thanks to this water bottle's double-walled, vacuum-sealed insulation that's lined with copper, your beverage will stay fresh and cold (or warm) for hours longer. You can choose among eight sizes that range from 10 ounces to 84 ounces and six colors and prints, but the most exciting feature by far is that you'll get two lids with each stainless steel water bottle — a stainless steel lid and a flip lid.


These Magical LED Fairy Lights That You Can Set To One Of 16 Colors

Not only are these LED fairy lights festive and long lasting, they're also versatile. The plug-in lights are attached to a flexible, 33-foot copper wire that you can easily wrap around objects and you'll have a blast choosing among 16 color options, which you can set via a remote control from wherever you are in the room.


A Cordless Electric Water Kettle That Heats Up Water In Seconds

Heat up water for tea, oatmeal, or even pasta in a fraction of the time it takes on the stove with this cordless electric kettle. Made from quality Borosilicate glass, this durable kettle is built with bright LED lights that light up when it's operating. The 1.8-liter teapot boils water in minutes and has an auto shut-off feature that turns off 30 seconds after water has boiled to keep you and your kitchen safe.


This Fire TV Stick That Unlocks Thousands Of Entertainment Possibilities

The Amazon Fire TV stick gives new meaning to Netflix-and-chill nights — because it opens up the possibility of accessing hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows via popular channels and apps like Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO, YouTube, Netflix. It's also simple to use and can be controlled with Alexa voice commands — call up your favorite song or show in seconds.


These Budget-Friendly Reusable K-Cups That Are Better For The Planet

Save money and help the environment with these reusable K-cups, which are refillable stainless steel mesh filters that are compatible with most Keurig brewers. The pack of four filters can be used for coffee or tea. Over 3,500 reviewers agree: "These work PERFECTLY in a Keurig coffee maker and they are much easier to use than the k-cup holder that requires you to take the widget out of the coffeemaker first. These are used just like a k-cup--fill and use, then rinse. They've held up well."


An Affordable Mini Blender That Does It All & Comes With A To-Go Smoothie Lid

You'd expect to pay triple the amount for a blender like this one — which chops, dices, blends, whips, and more, without stealing all of your counter space. The Magic Bullet is also comes with a flip top to-go lid that you can simply place on top of the blender cup and take with you. Best of all, this blender provides fewer parts to clean and less hassle and mess.

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