The Cutest, Easiest Bento Boxes For Your Kindergartner To Open

Coming up with new, creative lunches to send with your kindergarteners each day can be a real drag. Let's be honest, most of us would rather just slap some sun butter on wheat, slice an apple, and throw in a bag of Hot Cheetos and call it a day. Alas, that's probably not the best, and it also gives you nothing to post on your Instagram pages. One way out of this rut is to use a bento box. That's why I've compiled the eight best bento boxes for kindergarten that will step up your lunch and your Insta game.

There are a ton of bentos on the market. I've been using them for my children for years. Some are thermal, some are designed to be easier to clean, and all of them are made for little hands and little tummies. There are a few styles that I've found are the easiest for kids to handle. The first is the vacuum sealed stackable lunch boxes. The lids are easy to manipulate, and the stacking style assures that no food will touch the other. The next is the traditional bento boxes you'd see at a Japanese restaurant. They're great for kids who love seeing all their food lined up, and they have more compartments, which can be a boon for parents hoping to add variety to their kids' diets.


Vaya Tyffyn

No doubt this is a splurge at $60, but it is super durable, and has three inner containers for your little one. It will keep hot foods hot, or cold foods cold. It's available in a ton of designs, and they also sell accessories for it like bag mats and cutlery. This is ideal if you know that your child is a stickler for the temperature of their food.


Eco Lunchbox

Sometimes, simple really is best. This lunch box looks a lot like the lunch box I use for my husband that was purchased in Singapore. It's a cinch to clean, a breeze to open, and while it's not leak proof by a long shot, it is big enough to house a few little containers for dressing, ketchup, or sauce.


A Bargain

If your child is anything like my oldest was at that age, you'll want something cheap and cheerful. It does its job, it doesn't break the bank, and being Rubbermaid, you know it can take a serious beating. It's plenty big enough for a kindergartener's appetite, and super easy to open. It's a win all around.


Four Containers In One

This is a steal for $15.50, and no matter how big your kinder's appetite is, there's room for it in this lunch box. (There is also plenty of room for sunbutter and Hot Cheetos, but that's neither here nor there.) It is super cute with its pastel colors, and the locking mechanism isn't complex at all.


Black + Blum

Holy gorgeous lunch box, Batman. It has two removable inner dishes, a place for cutlery, and a low profile for flat lunch boxes. If your kid is a dip fanatic, this is the lunch box for you. Imagine all the hummus they could snack on with this bad boy.


Easy Bento Box

This is another simple model, easy to fill, and easy to clean. When your kid inevitably eats three bites of everything and puts all the leftovers back in, you can just dump and rinse, and you're good to go.

Trust me, this will happen with alarming regularity.


Ultimate Bento Box

This is one of the highest-rated bentos on Amazon. The remoeable ice pack and leak-proof interior are big bonuses for all of us parents as we worry about serving temperature and messes. It's big enough to hold lunch and snack for those days when your kids are prone to get hangry.



Bentgo is really the gold standard in kids' bento boxes, and for good reason. The compartments are perfectly kid-sized and shaped, it's leak-proof, microwave safe, and easy to clean.