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8 Breastfeeding Videos That Will Make You A Total Pro

Whether you're a new mom or a seasoned pro, when it comes to breastfeeding a little practice can go a long way. And while nursing has its benefits, when you experience a bump in the road it's easy to feel like you've done something wrong or, even in some small way, failed. For the record, you're not doing anything wrong, and you haven't failed. You're just in need of a few breastfeeding videos that will make you a total pro.

There's no lack of breastfeeding advice on the web. In fact, it's so saturated it can be difficult to know where to start. If you only need the basics — like how to latch correctly, how often you should feed, and any other tips and tricks that can help you build a solid breastfeeding foundation — there are sites dedicated to getting you started. La Leche League International, for example, is a great source for any breastfeeding mom. If you're looking for a more hands-on approach, Parents offers a list of the best breastfeeding apps that come in handy while you're sitting with your baby in hand.

But for anyone who's more of a visual learner, here are some of the best videos to inspire and encourage all you moms in the throes of breastfeeding on the journey of hitting pro-status. And of course, if you have any additional questions or concerns, contact your health care provider or lactation consultant.

When You Want To Get The Basics Down

Today's Parent offers a great run-down of breastfeeding basics, including different holds and positions, latching, and frequency. But, if you're a visual learner, Babylist goes through basic breastfeeding steps, one by one, with you to be sure you get it right the first time, every time.

When You Want To Correct A Painful Latch

According the the American Pregnancy Association (APA), the latch — your baby's mouth positioning — is the most important part. If your baby's latch is incorrect, breastfeeding may be uncomfortable and, sadly, even painful. If you're in the middle of a session and realize something doesn't quite feel right, this video by DIY Breastfeeding helps get you back on track by correcting the latch.

When You Want To Find The Right Position

For an optimal breastfeeding experience, position matters. La Leche League International suggests getting into a comfortable position with pillows, positioning the baby close so they're not stretching, supporting your breast, and encouraging a good latch. For a detailed positioning guide, My Ameda has you covered in the above video.

When You Want To Tandem Breastfeed

If you've just had a baby, but still have an older baby or toddler to breastfeed, Fit Pregnancy emphasizes the importance of choosing the order in which you'll breastfeed before deciding to tandem breastfeed, adding the newborn should probably get first dibs. In case you need a little help visualizing what tandem breastfeeding should look like, or how it works, DIY Breastfeeding guides you through in the above video.

When You Want To Breastfeed In Public

Breastfeeding in public is a legal right, but it's also a personal choice. If it's something you want to try, Women's Health suggests wearing clothes with easy access, using a blanket or sling, and if you prefer a quiet space, locating a bathroom or dressing room. Aside from that, Emily Norris — mother of three boys currently under the age of 5 — provides insight as to what else might help shy or insecure moms find the courage to breastfeed outside of the home.

When You Want Tips From A Pro

Just because you've mastered the foundation of breastfeeding, doesn't mean you won't still have questions or concerns. The Bump stresses the importance of keeping nipples moisturized, getting proper support, and monitoring baby's birth weight (among many other amazing tips) as you continue breastfeeding. If that's not enough, founder of Mixed Makeup and women's lifestyle guru, Susan Yara, wants to tell you everything she's learned throughout her breastfeeding journey in hopes that, if you're struggling, it'll help you, too.

When The First Two Weeks Feel Impossible

Private lactation consultant Carol Smyth, BSc, MSc, IBCLC tells KellyMom to take it easy on yourself if breastfeeding feels hard — even after getting the basics down. By concentrating on success instead of failure, you're helping change your mindset before the next feeding. In case you need a little more encouragement, Tres Chic Mama has some tips to get you past the two week breastfeeding slump. In other words, if you can make it through that, you'll be more likely to stick with it.

When You Don't Know What You Need

According to Parenting, there are 15 products that could make breastfeeding a little easier, including a nipple shield, nursing pillow, coverups, and heating/cooling relief packs. If you're in need of more breastfeeding support, YouTuber and lifestyle vlogger Natalie Bennet shares what essentials you need to be a total breastfeeding pro.

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