8 Cat Themed Pregnancy Announcement Ideas, Because Cats Improve Everything

by Lindsay E. Mack

When it's time to announce your pregnancy to friends and family, why not include the current "baby" in the fun? The cat themed pregnancy announcement ideas are adorable and on-point for any feline-obsessed family. Hey, you don't stop being a cat person when you become a mom. The love just grows.

Of course, including pets in pregnancy announcements is nothing new, but for the most part dogs tend to be the participants. This may have something to do with the fact that dogs are generally easier to train and more cooperative with a camera. But for the folks out there who absolutely love their feline family members, there's no reason to exclude your cat from the big announcement. In fact, Fluffy's presence will make the whole thing extra memorable and personal.

Best of all, these cat-inclusive pregnancy announcements can be as low-key or elaborate as you like. You can just snap a pic holding both the cat and the ultrasound image of your baby, and boom. It's an instant pregnancy announcement. Or you and your family can spend an afternoon shooting and Photoshopping your cat into some involved, funny situation. Whatever the case, enjoy the many ways you can cleverly include your pet cat in the pregnancy announcement.


A Studious Cat

The little details in this announcement make it so perfect. The baby's due date printed neatly on the library card, the clever book jacket, and of course the adorable cat itself all work together perfectly. It looks like this family is all set to welcome a baby who's sure to love cats and books.


A Cute Sign

Some of the best pregnancy announcements are also the simplest. Placing a sign that hints at the arrival of the baby, and having your cat react to it in some way, can make for a great picture. Just don't expect the cat do anything on cue. You can make your own sign at home, or order a baby announcement cat sign from Etsy. Seriously, Etsy sells everything these days.


Announcement Fail

Sometimes your cats are going to just be cats, no matter how much you want them to be adorably photogenic on cue. If your feline friend absolutely won't participate, then take a pic of your difficult pet anyway. The "failed" cat pregnancy announcement will still be great, because it's so real. Any fellow cat caretakers will recognize your struggle.


Holiday Photo

A special occasion photo with all the family is another wonderful option. You might even play up the idea that the cat is your "baby" now, at least if you have an unusually tolerant feline. The cat in this photo does look totally at home in the diaper, though.


Funny T-Shirt

You don't even have to include the actual cat to stay on theme. Just wear a cute maternity announcement shirt with a cat on it. Your friends and family will catch on soon enough.


Funny Photo Shoot

If you or a friend is handy with photography, then your baby announcement can get as elaborate as you want. Although to be honest, this image just makes me want a cat that can do home renovation work.


The Shoe Pic

Plenty of baby announcement pics feature a lineup of the family's shoes, along with an extra pair of tiny new booties. Include your pets' paws in this adorable image, provided you can get a cat to sit still and face the camera for any length of time.


Candid Cat Pic

Try to capture your feline's honest reaction to the upcoming baby. Is your cat jealous, excited, or just kind of unfazed? Whatever the case, snap a photo of this reaction and share it as your pregnancy announcement.