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These Clues About Michael's Fate On 'Jane The Virgin' Will Make You Do A Double Take

The Jane the Virgin Season 4 finale left fans shocked when Michael shows up at the end of the episode very much alive. But while this twist was obviously a lot to absorb, there may have actually been some clues that Michael was still alive on Jane the Virgin, that you may not have picked up on at the time. Below are just a few of those clues that'll make you wonder why you didn't see it coming.

Michael's return has left fans with a lot of questions that, unfortunately, won't be answered until Season 5 premieres, but let's just focus on what led to this major reveal in the first place. In the penultimate episode of the season, Rafael received a phone call from Rose in which she claimed she had some life altering news. However, at the start of the finale, Raf told Jane that the news had to do with his birth parents, which turned out to be a lie. At the end of the episode, he told Jane to come to his apartment where Jane assumed he was going to propose. Little did she know he had a totally different surprise planned.

When Raf opened up the door, there stood Michael looking kind of like a lumberjack but still quite recognizable. Of course, the episode then ended there, leaving fans desperately wanting more. However, should we have seen this coming long before the finale? All of these signs point to yes.


Brett Dier's Return Was Promised Long Ago

Following Michael's death, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jennie Snyder Urman stated, "Definitely, definitely bringing Brett back." While she obviously didn't say in what capacity Dier would return, this seems like a big clue in hindsight.


Gina Rodriguez Dropped Some Hints On Twitter

On Twitter, a fan asked actress Rodriguez, who plays Jane, to "throw us team michael members a bone." Rodriguez happily told the fan that if they just kept watching they wouldn't be disappointed. Looking back, this definitely seems like a hint at Michael's return.


This Isn't The First Time Michael's Escaped Death

When Michael was shot in the Season 2 finale, fans feared that he would die, but he ended up surviving to live for another half season. We should've known Michael would escape his fate once again.


Michael Isn't The First Character To Return From The Dead

The same night that Michael was shot, it was revealed that Luisa's on-again/off-again love interest, Rose, wasn't actually dead. The dead body actually belonged to Susanna, Michael's partner, the whole time, just in disguise. While Michael didn't return to the show with a different face, it's possible, just like with Rose, that someone with Michael's face actually died, instead of Michael himself. Additionally, it doesn't seem like a small coincidence that Rose, who was really responsible for Michael's death, is the same person to tell Raf that Michael is alive.


'Jane the Virgin' Loves To Play On Telenovela Tropes

Rather than shy away from the show's telenovela roots, Jane the Virgin has always leaned into them. Thus, it shouldn't be surprising that the show used one of telenovela's most classic tropes by bringing Michael back from the dead.


We Never Actually Saw Michael In A Casket

Because of the three-year time jump after Michael's death, there was no real funeral scene. The closest fans got was a flashback to Jane and Michael's former partner, Dennis, at the cemetery after the funeral took place. Thus, we've never actually seen Michael in a coffin, and for all fans know, it could've been empty.


Michael's Mom Kept Changing Her Mind About Jane's Book

When Jane first told Michael's mom, Patricia, about her book, she was not for it at all. However, she later changed her mind, giving Jane her blessing but not wanting any part of it. But then Patricia still showed up for Jane's book signing to make amends. Is it possible Patricia knew Michael was alive this whole time and it was he who made her get on board?


The Narrator Said Jane & Rafael Were "Jinxing" Things

In the penultimate episode of the season, the Narrator said Jane and Rafael were "jinxing things left and right," after Jane suggested that all their dream were "within reach." It seems like the Narrator was dropping a huge hint about Michael returning and ruining Jane and Rafael's relationship.

As you can see, there were definitely a few distinct clues to pick up on if you were looking closely enough. However, that still didn't stop me from gasping when Michael's face appeared once again on my TV screen. Is it time for Season 5 yet?