8 Costumes For Parents, Because Halloween Isn't Just About the Kids

If you love Halloween, but think you're too old for tricks and treats, you don't have to be ashamed to get in on the act. Don't stand on the sidelines in your mom jeans — unless of course, they're a part of your costume. Having a kid is the perfect excuse for an adult to dress up. And lucky for you, there are plenty of fun and easy costumes for parents, because Halloween isn't just about the kids.

From historical figures to superheroes to cartoon characters, you and your partner can have just as much fun as your kids with costumes that look great and don't require a lot of effort. Whether you want to make it yourself or let someone else do the work, your entire family can coordinate a picture perfect look that will leave you with plenty of great memories.

This Halloween, it's totally cool to get dressed up to go out. After all, your kid is going to need a someone to accompany her while she's trick-or-treating. And no one is going to give candy to someone who isn't in costume. Just make sure you share more than the healthy stuff with your kids.


The Flintstones

Have a little fun with your partner as the most lovable couple from the Stone Age, The Flintstones. To go back in time, you'll need a Fred Flintstone costume ($20). To get Wilma's look, just grab a Wilma costume ($30). Shoes optional.


Super Couple

With all you do as a mom, calling yourself a superhero isn't too far off. This Halloween, you can totally get into character with a Superman costume ($50) and Wonder Woman costume ($40).


Tinkerbell & Peter Pan

Take a break from all of your adult responsibilities this Halloween, and dress up as the boy who wouldn't grow up. For Peter Pan's look you'll need a pair of green pants ($84), a green polo shirt ($40) and a fedora ($60). For Tinkerbell's look, you need a strapless green dress ($62) and of course, a pair of wings ($10).


Football Player & Cheerleader

You don't have to be a sports fan to play one on Halloween. You and your partner will definitely score at your Halloween party with a Football player costume ($48) and cheerleader costume ($28) combo.



It may be fall, but you can still have some summer lovin' with these cool DIY Grease costumes. Get Sandy's look with a black wrap top ($34) and black leggings ($28). And no one will be able to resist your Danny in a black t-shirt ($20) and slim-fit black jeans ($50).


Antony & Cleopatra

You and your partner can go as one of the most romantic couples in history this Halloween. Wear a Cleopatra costume ($30) with your Marc Antony ($32).


Wine & Cheese

You're supposed to bring a bottle to your friend's Halloween party. But you'll be sure to get a laugh if you show up as a bottle. You and your partner will be the hit of the Halloween party if you go as wine and cheese costume ($50).


Cowboy Couple

For a simple, last minute Halloween costume that will look like you've been planning for months, why not go as a cowboy couple? For each cowboy (or cowgirl), start with a plaid shirt ($78), overalls ($42), and cowboy hat ($66).