8 Couples Who Got Tattoos Instead Of Wedding Rings

Traditional wedding rings are just as popular as ever, but despite the sparkle and shine, they can come with several downsides. Besides the obvious potential of losing them, traditional rings can cost more than their weight in gold...or silver. Many couples are opting to go another, more permanent route to symbolize their commitment. Couples who get tattoos instead of wedding rings not only save money, they're investing in something completely permanent. It doesn't get much more romantic than that.

Despite what the jeweler at Jared's may say, the options truly are limitless with wedding band tattoos. While most diamond rings tend to look the same after a while, you can be certain that your tattoo is completely unique. You can design something simple, something completely personal, something geometric, or even script with your names or anniversary date. There isn't a diamond ring in the world with that kind of personality.

Some couples decide to get tattoos as their engagement rings and then opt for traditional bands on their wedding day, while others stick with their tattoos only. Whatever route you decide to go, getting a tattoo as your wedding band is not only romantic, but it's as much of a symbol of your commitment as any diamond would be.

1. Forever & Ever

Courtesy of pkt_amy_pate on Instagram

Getting a simple phrase like "forever and ever" inked on your ring finger is the same premise behind a traditional ring, but with much more permanence.

2. Simple Bands

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These bands are delicate and simple and could be worn in place of traditional rings or underneath them.

3. Wedding Flowers

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Do you and your SO have a special symbol, or maybe something from your wedding that stood out? This couple got their wedding flowers inked as a symbol of their commitment.

4. Celtic Bands

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If you're looking for a band that's more elaborate than just a simple line, but still looks like a ring, something like this Celtic band would be perfect.

5. Mr. And Mrs.

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Nothing says "taken" like getting your new titles in permanent ink.

6. Something Royal

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Many couples play on the royalty theme with their wedding tattoos. This one keeps it simple with a K for king and Q for queen.

7. Simple Initials

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Getting you spouse's first initial in place of a ring is a simple option that could be either elaborate or subtle.

8. Something Musical

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Do both of you share a love of music (or any other hobby for that matter)? Getting a tattoo in honor of a shared passion is something that you'll never regret getting.