8 Creative Ways To Document Your Baby's 1st Year

A baby's first year is one of the most exciting, albeit exhausting, times for parents. At first, it seems like time stands still. Looking back, however, it goes by in a flash. Nothing stays the same for more than a few weeks. which means there's no other time you can watch someone develop and grow so much in such a short period of time. Finding creative ways to document your baby's first year becomes an important part of the journey. Oftentimes because firsts are something parents and their babies won't ever experience again. But also because you want to be able to hold onto those memories and share them with others.

Aside from taking photos each month or doing side-by-side comparisons, some parents want to put a unique spin on how they document their baby's first year. Creating a way to look back on the first year that's personalized to your baby is something your family can enjoy and pass down for the rest of their lives.

From DIY, to photography, to online outlets, there are several ways to be imaginative with documenting the first year. To get the creative juices flowing, check out some of the fun, unique ideas listed below.


Use Social Media

Some parents are totally opposed to social media or their child's presence on it, and that's OK. But for parents who are up for using a social platform, it can offer a creative outlet to document your baby's first year. Consider making a humorous or sentimental account on Twitter or Instagram – much like Baby Chanel Nicole's account — where you can post updates or photos that document your baby's first year with your own unique spin.



When I first read about Travel Mad Mum Karen Edwards' story, I thought it was one of the most creative ways to document a baby's first year. Edwards decided to start traveling the world with her 10 week old, Esmé, for one year while on maternity leave. It turned into an epic adventure she documented on her website. Ultimately, she created one of the most inspiring and unique ways to document her daughter's first year. Although Edwards tackled this adventure on a large scale, you can even use travel to document your baby's first year with local monuments, favorite places, or nearby destinations.


Create A Memory Box


According to Parents, a memory box is a great idea for parents who don't always think to snap a photo every month, especially f you're not into the whole Pinterest or DIY scene. Print out your favorite photo, grab a few items you think are significant to the first year, and organize it all into a memory box. Some sentimental items to include may be the hospital bracelet, baby's first pacifier, newspaper clippings, or your favorite newborn onesie.


Sew A Baby Clothes Quilt

If you're the type of parent that just can't stand to give up every piece of baby clothing, a baby clothes quilt is a great reminder of your baby's first year. Sewing a quilt is a great way to hold onto clothes that were gifted or that hold significance to you, according to Quilt Keepsake.


Use A Chalkboard Or Whiteboard

Regardless of whether you decide to utilize photos, videos, keepsakes, or milestones when documenting your baby's first year, there's always a way to keep it creative when you tap into your artistic capabilities. Using a surface to write or draw on in correlation with documenting your baby's first year is one of the easiest and most flexible options. You can create backdrops or prop for your baby to hold while having the ability to write or draw anything significant to you.


Time Lapse Video

Time lapse videos are such a happy, adorable way to document your baby's first year. You can include just the highlights, do a monthly time lapse, or if you're really dedicated, put together a video capturing a second from each day.


Highlight The Milestones

Creating a fun image or infographic that captures the highlights of your baby's first year is another great way to document it, according to Cardstore. Instead of focusing so much on capturing images or video, you can take note of firsts like crawling or rolling over. You can also include items like favorite foods, measurements, important dates, airplane rides, amount of pacifiers lost, and more.


Capture Each Month

The idea of snapping a photo for each month throughout the first year is pretty standard and well-known. The amount of ways that you can get creative with this method, however, are endless. Using props, fun backgrounds, creative floor scenery, chalkboards, balloons, stuffed animals, and more are just a few of the ways you can explore capturing monthly moments.