8 Memorable Daddy & Me Halloween Costume Ideas That Are *Good*

Halloween is fast on its way, and that means families everywhere are scrambling for clever costume ideas. Doing your own thing is fun, of course, but nothing tops a cool group costume. That's why these daddy & me costume ideas for Halloween are so perfect. Both father and child can get totally into the spirit of the season.

Whether you're into spooky creatures, characters from movies and video games, or something totally unexpected, these parent and kid costumes are super clever. Just be prepared for people to create a fuss over these adorable getups all evening, because family costumes bring the cute like nothing else.

Especially for younger kids who haven't quite mastered the whole trick-or-treating thing yet, family costumes make dressing your infant or toddler a cinch. The infant's basketball costume is adorable on its own, but it makes even more sense when dad's also dressed as a ball player. (Oh, and if you're trick-or-treating with a kid who's too young to eat candy, you get no shade from me. You've earned that candy, too.)

Read on to find the perfect costume combo for your family, or use these ideas to spark your own creativity. And whatever you wear, hopefully you and your family will enjoy a wonderful Halloween this year.


Alice & The Mad Hatter

Child Supreme Alice Costume, $45,

Colorful Mad Matter Costume, $60,

Dress up as some of the most colorful characters in literature. There are a lot of different ways you can take this costume, too, because costume stores almost always have some variation on these two.



Pokeball Baby Onesie Costume, $24, Costume Party World

Pikachu Adult Hoodie, $42, Costume Express

There are so many different Pokemon and trainers that you're bound to find a perfect combo for your family. I just love the idea of dressing a toddler like a pokeball, to be honest.


Chef & Lobster

Chef & Lobster, $45, Pure Costumes

It's the most precious shellfish you'll ever see. Plus, this clever double costume features a lobster carrier cover, so dressing the little one is easy as possible.



Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume, $30,

Adult Spider Costume, $65,

There's no need to scream. These spiders are way more cuddly than scary.


Wild Animal & Zookeeper

Deluxe Toddler Lion Costume, $35,

Adult Zookeeper Costume, $45, Spirit Halloween

Does parenting ever feel like you're running a zoo? Lean into that vibe with this wild costume idea.


Darth Vader & Ewok

Ewok Costume For Baby, $35, Shop Disney

Adult Darth Vader Costume Deluxe, $50, Party City

You can pull any character duo from the Star Wars universe for this costume. But the idea of Darth Vader carrying around an adorable Ewok all night just made me crack a smile.


"Hickory Dickory Dock"

Baby Mouse Infant Costume, $30,

Adult Clock Costume, $60,

Dress as the classic nursery rhyme. You'll be the most adorable clock and mouse combo ever.


'Space Jam'

Plush Basketball Infant Costume, $20, Walmart

Space Jam Bugs Bunny Pajama Costume, $40, Spirit Halloween

Sure, any player would work in this lineup. I'm just partial to Bugs. Also, how cute is that squashy basketball costume?