8 Deals You'll Only Get Excited About If You're A Costco Mom


I am not ashamed to admit that Costco is my supermom secret weapon. Seriously, is there any other place on planet Earth with as many snacks, organic household items, and trusty baby supplies as my dear, old friend Costco? And if there is, does that place also let you sample the goods when you visit? (But actually, I highly recommend only going to Costco on an empty stomach, because a lunch of samples is the best lunch.)

But Costco isn't just a place for food and paper goods; it's also a magical land filed with mass quantities of health products, toys, clothes, and whatever else you and your family might happen to need on a Saturday afternoon. There's almost nothing that you can't find at Costco, and in honor of my happy place, I tracked down the best deals for moms going on at Costco right now.

This list will be particularly helpful if you, like me, currently find yourself in the throes of potty training (hello, Huggies® Pull-Ups® Plus!), or even if you just need to restock on a few of your family's go-to essentials. Scroll on to check everything out, click through to shop, and may the joy of a good deal be with you.

1. The Best Potty Training Tool You Can Find

Even better than finding a product that helps your toddler through potty training? Finding that product at a great price. Starting August 7 and going until September 1, Costco is offering Huggies® Pull-Ups® Plus for a discounted price. That's $7.50 off of each package, and you can buy up to two at a time. Pull-Ups® Plus are made with extra absorbency and are available exclusively at Costco, plus every box comes with a fun coloring mat or backpack. Potty training moms, this is seriously one of the best deals on the market. Snatch it up now!

2. A Shake For Picky Eaters

Because we've all been there, haven't we? This 24-pack of PediaSure OptiGRO is a Costco-exclusive formula that's clinically proven to help kids grow. It's available in both vanilla and chocolate flavors, and compared to similar versions at other retailers, Costco's price point of $36.99 is just right.

3. A Toddler-Favorite Balance Bike

Do you have a toddler who is ready-but-not-quite-ready to learn how to ride a bike? Costco sells these awesome wooden balance bikes for intrepid young kids, and they sell them for 20 percent less than you'll find them for anywhere else.

4. A Full Arsenal Of Snacks

My kids cannot get enough of "puffs," the mysterious, cereal-like things that melt in your mouth. At the grocery store, Plums Organics Super Puffs are too expensive (and unruly) to buy in bulk, but at Costco? At Costco, they come down to $2 per ounce. That's $.50 less, per ounce, than you'll find in the grocery store. And, with four different flavors, you can keep things interesting for the kiddos!

5. The Greatest Cookie Of All Time

Animal crackers, you say? Yes, I'm serious. This is one of the best Costco deals of all time — and it doesn't even expire, since it's one of their regularly featured items. Costco sells this four-pound container of animal crackers for just under $12. The savings are astronomical, and these particular crackers are actually certified organic. What's better than that?

6. Toy Robots That Help With Numbers And Letters

I'm all for toys that assist with learning, and this Costco duo is the perfect pair: two robots that help with touch-and-learn number and letter recognition. Elsewhere, both toys would retail for about $50, making this a good deal that will pay off in the long run.

7. Tons Of These Squeeze Pouches

It's hard to imagine what life with young kids looked like in the age before pouches. I find them everywhere — in wayward bags, in my car, in my closet, in my bathroom. And that's a good thing, because it means that, wherever I go, my kids are eating real fruit. Bonus: This GoGo SqueeZ multi-pack is considerably cheaper at Costco than what you'll find in other stores or online.

8. A Library In A Box

Buy this now! The Roald Dahl Collection — 15 paperbacks from one of the world's most celebrated children's authors — is only $29.99 at Costco (as opposed to $39 at other retailers). Give your kids the gift of their very own library with this incredible Costco steal.

This post is sponsored by Huggies® Pull-Ups® Plus.