8 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Kids That Won't Stress You Out

Many cities host a number of fun and safe Halloween activities throughout the month of October. And the majority of these events invite the children to come dressed in costume. But if your kids are anything like mine, costumes are often a one-time wear, especially if chocolate candy bars are involved. Instead of putting their Halloween costume at risk for a neighborhood festival, you can look in their closets to see what you can create. There are many easy, last-minute Halloween costumes for kids that can be put together using some clothing items they already own.

My kids have so much fun coming up with new costumes, using a combination of apparel from their closet, accessories from my closet, and items from previous Halloweens. It gives them the chance to use their imaginations and creativity. It also saves me a lot of cash. Store-bought Halloween costumes are pretty pricey, especially because they will likely never be worn again. Another tip is to check out your local thrift and consignment shops for the extra pieces you may need to complete a costume. You can always find inexpensive belts, hats, tools, and even articles of clothing that need to be cut up or painted.

Here are some last minute Halloween costumes you and your kids can easily recreate this Halloween.


Wednesday Addams

A classic and easy look is Wednesday Addams. Start with black dress ($14) with a white collar, black tights ($6), and some black mary janes ($16). Don't forget to give her Wednesday's signature braids.


Elliot & E.T.

If you're running short on time, pick out a red hoodie ($10), a pair of jeans ($20), and grab your child's favorite E.T. plush doll ($13).


Lucille Ball

Everyone loves Lucy, and your little one will, too. Pair a polka dot dress ($24) with white knee high socks ($7) and t-strap red shoes ($19). If you have time, give her a cute 50's up do.



Transform your little girl into one of the most beloved children's book characters, Madeline. Start with a Peter Pan collar dress ($17), a yellow hat ($7), white knee high socks ($7), and black mary janes ($16).


Clark Kent

Your kid can be the man behind the superhero. Start with a Superman shirt ($8), layered under a white dress shirt ($9), with a tie ($6), dress pants ($10), and glasses ($7).



If she wants to be spooky, your kiddo can be a vampire this Halloween. Pair a white long sleeve t-shirt ($15) with a black tutu ($7). Top with a cape ($7), and don't forget the plastic vampire teeth ($2).


Mini Hipster

Some would argue that this is fashion and not a costume, but you can throw together this mini-hipster look in no time. Start with a plaid shirt ($17), skinny jeans ($16), glasses ($7), and top with a black beanie hat ($4).


Alice In Wonderland

For a quick fairy tale look pair a light blue dress ($19) with white knee high socks ($7), black mary janes ($16), and a simple black headband ($8) to recreate Alice's in Wonderland.