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These 8 Free Online Arithmetic Courses Will Keep Your Kid's Skills Sharp

Managing your children's education from home is a daunting task to say the least. On top of everything else, you're responsible for assigning math homework, too? Fortunately, there are plenty of free online arithmetic courses available to help out. Because really, it's been a hot minute since the last time you had to subtract 78 from 100 and show all your work.

And really, it's OK if you need some additional resources when teaching your younger kid about math. Understanding basic arithmetic is one thing, sure, but explaining it to your child in an approachable way is a whole other ballgame. (Just try taking on some subtraction problems with a Kindergartner and see how quickly the conversation turns to their favorite episode of Doc McStuffins, or Hatchimals, or literally anything else.) Thankfully, these courses explain mathematical concepts in kid-friendly terms. So although younger kids may need your guidance navigating the online courses, the lessons themselves should help explain these foundational mathematical concepts in a way that kids can understand. Even the youngest arithmeticians can catch on in no time.

Again, continuing your kid's education during the school shutdowns can be a rough experience, particularly if you're also balancing additional child care, work, or family duties at this time (all while practicing social distancing and masking and everything else). It's a lot. So use these free academic resources to help your kid learn math while you're homeschooling.


Khan Academy

Known for its huge catalog of free online courses, Khan Academy also includes plenty of info for younger mathematicians. There are specific courses for grades Kindergarten through 8, and the lessons cover everything from counting lessons to basic word problems with addition and subtraction. There's also the free Khan Academy Kids app, which includes math-building activities in addition to loads of additional educational material.


Greg Tang Math

In addition to the wealth of games and learning info available at Greg Tang Math, you can also sign up for the email list to get access to the site's free math-based learning materials, including tons of worksheets and picture books. You can even schedule a virtual meet-up to learn more about teaching math as a parent. It's a whole world of info for homeschooling parents.


Rocket Math

Offering a free 60-day subscription during the COVID-19 outbreak, Rocket Math is an online game that encourages students to improve their math skills. Fast-paced and intense, the game can only be played for five to 15 minutes at a time, and students receive immediate feedback on their skills. Although this gamification of addition, subtraction, and more is the main draw, Rocket Math also offers hundreds of worksheets so kids can study up while they wait for the next round of the game.



As the name suggests, the Maths at Home section from NRICH is filled with activities that are ideal for kids learning from home. There's even a guide to help parent-teachers get the most out of these resources, so you can approach the lessons in a productive way. Simply playing a few games together from the site can strengthen your child's understanding of the core concepts (and have a bit of fun along the way).


JumpStart Academy Math

With free online lessons designed to cover K to 6th grade math, JumpStart Academy Math is probably well worth your time. Lessons can be assigned by parents, or kids can work through them independently. Plus, all the content is also available in Spanish.


ST Math

Through June 30, 2020, families can access the resources at ST Math for free. With over 35,000 puzzles available, this visual approach to math is accessible to most all students. It also provides your kid with informative, real-life feedback about their progress. Plenty of kids love helping the adorable JiJi the Penguin make it through these math problems.



Although this site is mainly geared toward older students, the section on arithmetic from HippoCampus is definitely worth checking out. There are tons of lessons on everything from rounding to subtracting whole numbers, all explained in helpful, straightforward videos.



Sign up for SplashLearn to get a complete K — 5th grade math learning program for your kid. You can also sign up for a free trial class about word problems for your second grader. It's another great option for parents who want to help their kids keep learning during this time. With a little help from online resources, your kid can continue to strengthen their math skills while learning from home.