8 Hilarious Back-To-School Memes For Teachers Who Already Need A Vacation

by Lauren Schumacker

Fall means going back to school for a lot of kids and teachers (and parents) alike and while your kid may have emotions that range from excited to nervous to downright annoyed at having to go back, teachers can also experience all of those same emotions and more. All too often, teachers are under-appreciated, but their job is, let's face it, pretty darn difficult. So to celebrate teachers heading back to their classrooms this time of year, here are some of the best back to school memes for teachers.

Just like anyone else doing a job that they truly do, in fact, want to be doing, sometimes teachers love their job and sometimes they're tired and have had a bad day and just aren't super into it. And sometimes you just need to have yourself a little laugh. So whether you're a teacher yourself, have teachers in your family, really appreciate your kid's teachers, have some teacher friends, or just generally think teachers are rad, these memes about #teacherlife and going back to school are things that you need to see and share, because teachers all over the place will find themselves nodding along in agreement with many of these sentiments. Teaching can be a tough job, but there are lots of teachers who totally rock it, year in and year out.


Couldn't Be More Tired

Early mornings, long days, and late nights can really take a toll. And even just the anticipation of what's to come can have them patting on the under-eye concealer and reaching for the coffee pot.


Let Them Do Their Thing, OK?

There's a very short list of things that allow you to interrupt them if they're happening. Otherwise, shhhhh.


It's Not Happening, It's Not Happening

Maybe you can just flip the calendar back to June and no one will notice.


New Year, New Me

The beginning of the school year and the prospect of going back to school can be both exciting and a little bit terrifying for brand-new, first-time teachers. If you make it through the first day or week or month and people still think you've got this? You're already doing great.


It's Only A Matter Of Time

It's the beginning of the year and you're ready to go. You're excited about meeting your new students and doing some big things this year. But you know that that's going to wear off and those April and May feelings will be here before you know it.


No One Really Knows For Sure

It varies on any given day, piles and piles of work to make your way through is an ever-present reality. Is it June yet?


Coffee Is A Necessity, But If It's Not Here...

Teachers are busy people, so for many, coffee is a definite must. But for those days when you're especially fired-up and motivated to do big things, that coffee just isn't as important. You're ready.


I Didn't Mean To Disturb Your Conversation

Whether they're talking to one another, attempting to covertly text or scroll through Instagram, or checking out all manner of websites on their computer, sometimes it feels like your life's work is just an inconvenience that's getting in the way of all that rather than, you know, what you're all there for. Please, by all means, continue.

Teachers sometimes might be about as excited to go back to school as the kids are, but at least there are memes to keep them laughing.