8 Genius (& Hilarious) Ways Moms Are Adding More Movement To Their Days


Some rock mom jeans. Others live for business casual. While moms might dress differently, they all wear the many hats that motherhood brings: Teacher, chef, nurse, and entertainer are just a few of the roles that moms take on every day. And with so many to-dos to check off, finding time for self-care can feel like another job on an already crowded resume.

But if there's one thing having kids teaches is you, it’s the art of multitasking and accomplishing what once were massive missions in a matter of minutes. Romper and Light + Fit teamed up to ask some multitasking moms how they’re keeping it moving while juggling a jam-packed schedule. You’re going to want to try these at home.

Rachel, a PR and communications specialist, breaks up the workday with peek-a-boo with her little one. From yoga positions to lunges, her peek-a-boo poses allow her to sneak in strengthening sessions throughout the day. The bonus for the baby? “He laughs his head off every time, and it's truly wonderful,” Rachel says. If all impromptu meetings brought belly laughs, we’d all have open-door policies.

OK, maybe not actual tango, but you get it. When either of Katie’s twins get fussy, she breaks out what she's dubbed the "baby tango." It sounds adorable: “I scoop whichever kiddo is pouting more and ... while I hold the little guy close, I do squat lunges while I hum a little tune. It burns the legs and gets a few giggles at the same time. Too odd?” Never. You do you, mama.

Kodi promotes movement for a living and practices what she preaches at home. One day, while her toddler tied her shoes, Kodi made like a 2011 meme and dropped down and planked. Now, shoe time’s a game for both parties, where the duration of mom’s plank depends on how quickly her daughter laces up. “Sometimes she rushes to save mama, and sometimes she teases and goes slow. Either way, I’m more patient because I’m doing something for me and letting her be independent,” Kodi explains. Question: If core exercises always taught children independence, would dad bods be a thing? Discuss.

When Melissa wants to werk it, she works with what she has. Swapping out a kettlebell for her infant son, she intensifies squats and bicep curls while amusing her babe. She says, “He's just 10 months, so he giggles like crazy and shrieks with enthusiasm when I do leg lifts with him on my leg. I'm a human seesaw!” If we’re giving out points for motivation, Melissa’s definitely earned goal digger status.

Sanya and her toddler turn movement into a party with top 40 hits, '80s pop, and other favorite music genres. Sanya squats, lunges, jumps, and boogies while her 2-year-old daughter imitates the motions. For some extra revelry, the duo busts out a disco ball, balloons, ribbons, or even a sprinkler (when dancing outside). But as all soirees do, at some point, the celebration must stop. “To wind it all down, we meet on the mat for downward dog and deep breathing," Sanya says. "Aria is definitely better at yoga than me without even knowing it!” Is that why it’s called child’s pose?

When faced with a toddler’s tantrum, Nikki calls on her smart home device for distraction. There's a free exercise game available through her device that actually encourages children to behave like animals. Instead of sitting on the sidelines, Nikki joins her three kiddos in the four-legged fun while upping her step count. “It is my go-to activity when my kids are in the middle of a meltdown or need a boost of energy. We love to run around the house like a tiger or stomp like an elephant,” she says. Her neighbors must have questions.

As a mindset and movement expert, Nadia makes activity a family value. Sharing her trampoline with her accountability partner (aka her 3-year-old son), she says, “My son never lets me miss a beat, talk about accountability! If we aren’t jumping on the trampoline together, he has me supporting his upper body to see how much higher he can go with each jump! My arms definitely feel the burn afterward, especially my biceps.” Sometimes mom just needs some pint-sized motivation.

Lian makes movement a daily practice. With weights attached to her wrists and legs throughout the day, ordinary tasks become reps. But when it comes to working her bottom half, the bathroom is where the magic happens. She explains, “I have an electric toothbrush which has you brush for two minutes. So boring, so I do squats the entire time, and my legs look great now.” Who knew the secret to lower body strength was good oral hygiene?

Hopefully these moms have inspired you to move in whatever way moves you. As for me? I’m getting pizza.

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