8 Genius Ways To Find Your Blizzard Hook-Up, Besides Using Dating Apps

With a blizzard in the forecast, everyone is starting to stock up on the essentials: batteries, food, water, and...someone to smooch? Turns out that, in addition to having a plan for if the power goes out, people are just as concerned with having someone to cuddle up with during the storm. This fact is backed by science: dating app Hinge has released data that proves that, when a storm's brewing', people are actively in search of a blizzard hookup. Last year, for winter storm Juno, Hinge saw a 47 percent spike in activity on the day of the blizzard, and a 27 percent spike in the days leading up to the snowfall. And this is in addition to the many Craigslist adds that pop up around the time of a storm searching for a snow day sweetheart.

Of course this makes sense. With the prospect of a cold, snowy day stuck indoors, what could be better than having someone to heat things up with? Spending the day in bed, watching Netflix, and eating all of the food in the house, with no reason or excuse to leave. Getting snowed in with someone is the perfect way to spend the snow day.

Sure, it's going pretty all-in for a first date. Instead of the hour long prospect of getting a cocktail, you're committing to a full day of nothing but each other, right off the bat. But that makes it feel more like a meet-cute from a romantic comedy. Just think, someday you can tell your grandkids, "We met because we wanted someone to fool around with on a snow day...and the rest is history." Romance at its finest.

Signing on to your dating app of choice in preparation for the storm will definitely yield results, sine we know there will be a surge of users on the site with the same idea. But if you're not a fan of using apps, or if you're looking for a more creative way to scope out your options, here are some unexpected and effective ways to find your nor'easter cuddle buddy.


Linger In The Canned Foods Section

Anyone who pays attention to the weather will be making an obligatory trip to the grocery story the day before the storm to stock up on food. There is a high probability that at least one of these folks will be cute. Stake out a prime spot in front of the Campbell's soup cans and wait for your blizzard beau to come shopping. Strike up the flirtation with a line like, "I can keep you warmer than a bowl of chicken noodle soup," and before long, you'll be heading back to their place (with many bags of canned goods).


Set Up Camp In The Local Liquor Store

Looking at the prospect of 24 hours stuck inside? There is only one thing that can make that day manageable: alcohol. The people stocking up at the liquor store are the ones who are viewing the blizzard as an excuse to party all day-, and are therefore more likely to also be in the market for a steamy hook up to keep them warm. Intercept all the hotties that come in to buy a 30-rack with a proposition for something far more exciting than a case of beer.


Start A Snow Shoveling Service

Go door-to-door shoveling driveways and walkways. The price? A hot and heavy day-long make-out session. (And if you happen to shovel for someone who's not your type, you can just charge actual money. It's both a business venture and a way to find a hookup.)


Buy All Of The Batteries

Batteries are an essential snow day stock up. Buy out the store, then post on every social media site you have access to that you have extra AAAs. As the responses stream in, invite anyone you deem hookup-able over to get the batteries, and some high-charged loving, too.


Brave The Storm And Take A Walk

Everyone else will be indoors, so make yourself visible just by being outside. Someone who's craving a snow day hookup as much as you are will see you passing by and come out to meet you. You're tolerance for stormy days will definitely impress them, making you all the more attractive to them.


Become A Delivery Woman

What do people do when it snows? Order delivery. If you show up with the food, give a sexy wink, and ask to stop in because it's just so cold out there, you're practically guaranteed your blizzard hook-up. Pick a food depending on what your usual type is. Are you into health-conscious hipsters? Deliver vegetarian fare. Go weak in the knees for the bro-iest of bros? Bring the pizza. This strategy is a double win: you get your hookup, and some delicious food.


Pretend To Be Stranded Outside Your Crush's Home

When your car ever so inconveniently gets stuck right in front of your crush's front door, you'll have no option but to knock and ask for some help. They'll invite you inside, and who knows what will happen from there? (You know, you sly fox, you.)


Be Bold In The Cold

You're not the only one looking for someone to stay warm with, so why not just put it all out there. Message the person you want to get it on with inviting them to get stuck inside with you (WITH is a key word here). Let the snow inspire you to take initiative and go after what you want: a hot hookup on a cold day.

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