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8 Gifts New Moms Want That Money Can’t Buy

In the sleep-deprived world of a new mom, a new robe or a massage rank up there with pretty lovely gifts that will be well-received by most. They'll be appreciated, but perhaps not as much as certain things that don't even come with a price tag, like a full night's sleep or time to shower. That's why we've put together a list of the gifts new moms want that money can't buy, some of which make for great last minute options if you've somehow missed the Amazon Prime deadline!

New moms might be 100 percent 1smitten with their new bundle of joy, but that doesn't mean that they don't need some time and space to themselves. And sleep. New moms always need more sleep. If you're married to a new mom or friends with one, some of these things would be perfect inscribed onto a homemade coupon and paired with a bar of fancy chocolate or a bottle of wine.

New moms can sometimes feel like their body and their livelihood has been taken over by a new human, and it doesn't take expensive gifts to make her feel like she's appreciated and like she's her old self. Instead, it takes just a little thoughtfulness and time.


To Go To The Bathroom In Peace

If you're the partner of a new mom and you happen to have a few days off during the holidays? Take over so she can spend some time primping or even just peeing by herself without worrying if the baby is going to wake up or need to be soothed.


A Daily Nap For A Week

If you can swing it, a little voucher for a daily nap for a week, or Sunday naps for a month, would be a luxurious gift for a new mom that wouldn't cost you anything but extra baby cuddles (and probably some bouncing and shushing, let's be honest).


8 Hours Of Straight Sleep

If she's breastfeeding exclusively, this is harder to fulfill, but if the baby will take a bottle, you can easily offer to get up with the baby in the night so that mom can sleep for a good, long stretch. You'd be surprised how much it makes a difference just to sleep more than two hours at a time for a single night! Or, if you're feeling really generous, offer to take over nights periodically or regularly. Even if you're not the new mom's partner, you can make this happen once in a while if she has a spare bedroom!


An Opinion Silencer

This one's a little difficult to deliver on because every new mom is going to be met with more than her share of unwelcome and unsolicited opinions, but if you know her mother-in-law is going to start critiquing how the baby is sleeping, offer to play defense or distract as much as you can so that the new mom in your life can enjoy the holidays without the judgement gang!


A 30-Minute Shower

Whether she's a mom of a 2-month-old or a 10-year-old, moms appreciate being able to take a long shower. While the environmentalists might scoff at this idea, most new moms have skipped more than their fair share of showers in the early days of having a baby, so they've stocked up on a few extra minutes.


Fewer Poop Duties

A stack of coupons she can hand over when she wants to opt out of poop duties sounds like a pretty brilliant (and hilarious) gift that will keep on giving. You might want to specify, though, that explosive poop that requires a wardrobe change costs two coupons.


A Clean House To Herself

It might take a Christmas miracle, but if you could manage to clean the house and then take the baby and leave for, say three hours, that would be a tremendous gift to a new mom. One of the hardest things for new moms is that they often have to leave the house in order to take a break, which can just be more exhausting. And faced with an empty house that looks like a tornado hit, she'll be more likely to start picking up burp cloths and doing laundry than actually relaxing. Get the house put back together, and take the baby for a long walk (pack a bottle if possible). It's a gift she'll never not appreciate, no matter how big the baby gets.


Healed Nether Regions

There's really nothing you can do for her in this department, but it's certainly something many very new moms wish for that money cannot buy. Instead, sympathy goes a long way, and encouragement that she will, one day, feel healed down there.

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