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8 Gifts To Buy For Your Millennial Mom Friends, According To Me, A Millennial Mom

by Starr Rocque

For millennial moms, entering into the holiday season means we are operating at full capacity. Between juggling parenting, work, events, shopping for gifts, doing it for the gram, and trying to keep our sanity, there leaves little time for much else. Life can be hectic, and while we may make it look good, we’re also holding on by a thin thread. That being said, if you know a millennial mom — and you probably do — be extra thoughtful about how you gift her this year.

For the most part, we need things that can make an already busy life a lot more manageable. It’s important to think about convenience, sanity, and even indulgence when it comes to gifting for the millennial moms you love and adore. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 10 things you should consider buying for her come December.

Mothers are constantly picking up food and other bits of mess left behind by their kids, and — as you may have guessed — it’s tedious and time consuming. However, there’s one new home tech device on the market that might give the millennial mom in your life some peace of mind. Meet the Roborock S6! Rorobock specializes in the creation of robotic home cleaning appliances that ease the burden of household chores. The Roborock S6 makes keeping a clean home effortless through the click of an app and gives millennial moms the ability to clean at any time in the exact areas they want.

Founded in Beijing, Roborock specializes in the production of robotic home cleaning appliances. By creating next-generation home cleaners equipped with precise navigation technology, Roborock is easing the burden of household chores. The company is committed to developing easy-to-use products with cutting-edge technology in order to simplify everyday tasks and make life altogether more comfortable.

For a lower price point, the Roborock S4 is also an amazing gift, with many of the same features as the S6. These devices can clean hard to reach places —underneath couches, beds, and cabinets — helping the mom in your life to do more of the things she loves with less of the chores she hates.

It might seem odd to follow up a high-tech vacuum cleaner with something as simple as a cup, but then again, this is about things millennial moms can actually use. Mom sippy cups are very real and very necessary. They come in a variety of colors and styles. Some have bling, others have cute phrases written on them. Get the mom in your life a sleek opaque cup, like this 10 oz rambler from the fine folks at Yeti, so that she can sip whatever wine, cocktail, juice, seltzer, or fruit-infused water she wants without the fear of breaking a glass or spilling on her nice floors. The reason why these Yeti cups are so cool is because they have such a mature, signature look. With the Yeti, there is no mistaking that this is Mommy’s cup and that no one else is to ask for a sip of anything inside of it.

Postpartum skin is the worst! And while you can’t control your hormones, proper exfoliation and moisturizing can go a long way in making the mother in your life feel like her old self, and that’s where the Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s Alpha Beta® Extra Strength Daily Peel comes in. It’s the beautifying and anti-aging exfoliation system that the real-life Dr. Gross uses on his patients at his New York practice. Say hello to nourished, radiant, and balanced skin in under five minutes from the comfort of your own home. It’s cruelty-free, vegan, and formulated without parabens, sulfates, or phthalates.

Having a baby can wreak havoc on one’s core, and this can make post-baby workouts difficult. The MuTu System is a unique medically approved workout system meant to be gentle on postpartum bodies while improving diastasis recti (your “six-pack” muscles) and strengthening the pelvic floor. It’s a great gift for moms who have just had babies, or any mom who want some core and pelvic exercise that is gentler on their systems. The MuTu System comes with instructional videos, video coaching, and an online tracker, as well as your own MuTu Kit so they’ll be able to hit the ground running come the new year.

There are few things more frustrating than being caught out with no battery power! Moms, of all people, really need their phones working properly at all times. Public sockets aren’t always available. It’s also not productive to be tethered to a wall while charging because ain't nobody (especially moms on the go) got time for that! So, give the mom in your life the gift of a portable charger. With the Anker PowerCore, you get tons of juice, delivered fast when you need it.

For the mom on the go, carrying a big bag is crucial for all your necessities. This can include diapers, chargers, snacks, clothes, makeup, games, you name it! But if we’re going to be bag ladies, we might as well do it in style. Make a mom feel like a supermodel while also giving her enough room to make sure she has everything she needs. Make a stroll to the park a paparazzi moment with this classic Prada cloth handbag. Believe me: When in doubt about what to get a busy mom, opt for a bag!

Mama wants to have a life, too — whether it’s just for a couple of hours to run some errands or to go on a date night. Be sure to offer a couple of hours of babysitting. You can get creative and design a coupon at home, and make it redeemable for a certain number of times — the limit is up to you. If you’re not about that, you could maybe just offer to pay someone else to do it. It’s the gift of freedom either way, and trust me, folks, she will be grateful.

Sometimes bad hair days are unavoidable for moms. However, you can alleviate that problem with a fresh satin cap. The hat of choice for runway models, art school graduates, and the busy mom alike, adidas Originals Relaxed Satin Strapback says you mean business, whether it be on the streets of Milan or the playground after school. Cover a bad or lazy hair day with a fashionable hat all while keeping your hair supple and moisturized.

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