Start Your St. Patrick's Day Off Right With These 8 Green Breakfast Foods

St Patrick's Day is less than a month away, so right now is the best time to prepare for all of your brunches and lunches by planning out the menu and the decor. Every year it feels like the same thing — green beer, green cabbage, and whatever green cookies they're selling at Target. Let's face it, it's not the most creative endeavor. But that doesn't have to be the case. The holiday can be fun, interesting, and delicious, from the very beginning of the day with green breakfast foods for St. Patrick's Day.

Before you decide what you should make, consider what your goals are. Are you throwing a full brunch bash? Are you just looking for some fun things to make for your family? Perhaps you come from an old Irish family and you want to impress them with your cooking and baking prowess — no matter what the occasion, there is a green food that will match. Breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, desserts, drinks — they can all go green. But to really get you and your kids ready for the luck of the Irish, choose one of these easy green breakfast foods. I mean, if all else fails, you can throw out a bowl of Lucky Charms, but trying to green it up isn't so bad either.


Green Eggs & Ham

I make these every year. It's incredibly simple — just add a few drops of food coloring gel to the oil you cook them in, then cook as usual. Yes, you can add the coloring to the eggs directly, but I prefer adding food color gel to the oil — I feel like I get a better result.



Colcannon is a traditional Irish combination of mashed potatoes and either leeks or kale, and it's delicious at brunch served with fried eggs. It's amazingly tasty, and it also happens to be green. This version from Good Life Eats uses potatoes, parsnips, and kale, which is a diabolical combination if you ask me. Here's a tip: always use more salt with colcannon than you think you need.


Zucchini Bread Smoothie

I would have never thought to make a zucchini bread smoothie, like this one at Cook Nourish Bliss, and I've made some weird blends. But this sounds amazing and healthy. What a perfect way to start the day for your little ones.


Sugar-Free Mojito Water

Cocktails are fun for brunch, but mocktails can be just as great. This sugar-free infused mojito water from Sugar and Soul can be enjoyed all day long without the calories or hangover of green beer. Plus, mint and lime are really refreshing, and if you're having a heavy breakfast, you'll need the lighter beverage.


Spinach, Herb, & Parmesan Breakfast Casserole

Making brunch? Try this spinach, herb, and parmesan breakfast casserole from Offbeat+Inspired. It's salty and cheesy without being too rich — the perfect start to your day. I think this would be fantastic served with some fried mushrooms and tomatoes, bacon, and sausage.


Kale & Eggs

This kale and eggs dish from Cara's Cravings is a filling, healthy combo that will delight everyone. The spicy kick in the kale will make you keep eating and coming back for more thanks to the bold combination — if done right, it's one of the better filling breakfasts you can have. This is especially great if you're doing keto or Whole30 this St. Patrick's Day.


Guacamole Toast

How beautiful is this twist on avocado toast? Complete with grilled tomatoes and creamy burrata, this guacamole toast from Climbing Grier Mountain is making me hungry just from looking at it. It's beautiful. The green of the guacamole is the subdued background for the bold tomato. And looking at this recipe, you could easily switch out the red tomato for a green tomatillo if you're looking for a more monochromatic breakfast.


Baked Eggs With Spinach & Mushrooms

When I think of St. Patrick's Day, I'm not necessarily looking for healthy foods, but this recipe for baked eggs with spinach and mushrooms from Damn Delicious is surprisingly good for you. It's a green breakfast dish that you can feel good about all day. Plus, it's got that luscious yolk center that is just drool-worthy.