8 Home Updates That'll Guarantee the Coziest Winter


Another summer has passed sooner than we could have imagined, and another long, chilly winter is nearly upon us. Even if you live in a part of the country with near-arctic winters, you can still think of the cold months as more "cozy" rather than "brutal," as long as you're prepared.

I dream of becoming the kind of person who can tackle a long list of DIY projects to winter-proof my home. And if I devoted my entire fall to it, I could — but why would I, when I can recruit the Home Services experts at The Home Depot for help in every conceivable department? You mean there's a way to make my home cuter and more functional? And someone can do it for me? I'm in.

Before the holidays officially arrive, make sure you get in all those last-minute home upgrades. If you, like me, don't have time to do them yourself, The Home Depot Services team will assist with projects both aesthetic and essential. That's why we've teamed up with The Home Depot Home Services to come up with 8 essential DIY projects — that you don't actually have to DIY — to make sure your home is a warm, cozy, organized safe haven this holiday season and beyond.

Expand Your Empire With A Shed

If pulling out all those holiday decorations makes you painfully aware of how little storage space you have, you aren't alone. Consider branching out into shed territory before the holidays arrive, so that you can get organized — and breathe a little. Local shed installers are licensed, insured, and background-checked, and The Home Depot Home Services team allows you to customize your shed with their configurator tool and even pay for it with financing! Delivery times are typically 1-6 weeks, so order now and you'll have more than enough time to get organized before the holidays hit.

Save Money on Energy Bills With New Windows

Nothing's cozier than watching the snow fall outside while being safe and warm indoors. That's why this is the perfect time to swap out your windows for more efficient styles. Their basic window installation is extremely affordable, especially when considering the money you can save on energy bills in the long run. Better windows mean better insulation for your home; also, windows with the right tinting can help with savings year-round by absorbing light in the winter to help heat your home, while blocking out rays in the summer to keep your space cool. Get ready for a comfy winter of hot cocoa next to your new windows, which will keep the frightful weather safely outside.

Freshen Up the Kitchen

You may not have time, energy, or money for a full kitchen remodel this year — but that doesn't mean you can't embrace the changing season and clean things up a little. The Cabinet Makeover program outfits your tired, old cabinets with new, custom doors, using your existing boxes, saving you time and money. Once your style and design are locked in, they can add accessories and hardware, including everything from soft-closing drawers and doors and new pulls to upgrading hardware and in-cabinet organization and functionality. Is your kitchen too dark? Bring in some winter whites with this incredible revamp, which takes as little as 3-5 days to install, as opposed to the weeks or months that a full overhaul would require.

Cozy Up Your Bedrooms

Sure, hardwood floors may be great to look at, but does anyone really like waking up on a cold winter morning to the cold-as-ice feel of wood on bare feet? Consider a carpet compromise, in the bedrooms only, as sweet, soft relief in the season of all things cozy. The Home Depot flooring installers are licensed professionals, and they can take your floor from brrr to ahhh in just days!

Make an Entrance

Make an aesthetic and functional statement this holiday season by replacing your front door. Yes, I said it: your door! Not only can replacing your door help with heating efficiency and cost, but it can also add that much-needed accent to your home. Think of it as a clean palette, waiting for your imagination to run wild. And, for no extra charge, The Home Depot Home Services team will remove and dispose of your old door. No muss, no fuss.

Keep Things Hot

Are you constantly running out of hot water? Looking for that perfect, pre-season fix to ensure that everyone gets those long, wintry baths they've been dreaming of? Invest in a new, tankless water heater! Finally, a season without having to fight over shower time!

Winterize Your Window Treatments

You don't necessarily have to spend a fortune — or do any major work — to reimagine your home in time for the holidays. One easy fix for a seasonal refresher is to change up your window treatments. Home Depot Home Services will customize shades and blinds. Schedule a free consultation and a designer will essentially bring the showroom into your home, helping you select the styles that are right for you. Your final quote includes all of the good stuff: professional measuring, installation, and the treatments themselves.

Get An Early Start On Spring Cleaning With Winter Organization

Nothing's more calming than entering a pristine, beautifully organized home after a hectic day outside in the slush. But winter can bring in more than snow; it can bring in clutter, in the form of holiday decorations, gifts, jackets and gear, etc. Prepare for a season of hibernating in a clean sanctuary by calling The Home Depot Home Services team for custom shelving and closet installation, which can be a lifesaver in clutter-prone spaces, such as a playroom, home office, garage or study.

Illustrations by Allison Gore.

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