8 Innovative Father's Day Gifts That'll Upgrade Any Dad's Life


Shopping for dads isn't always the easiest task. Sure, there are some tried and true solutions like a new tie or a replacement for his nearly-worn-out billfold — but there's really no occasion like Father's Day to pick out a gift that feels like a major life upgrade.

To give you some cool new ideas for gifts that your partner (or your own dad!) will love, we joined forces with Amazon Launchpad to round up some seriously next-level Father's Day gifts. In case you haven't heard of it yet, Amazon Launchpad is a destination on Amazon that sells the coolest products available from startups. You can find everything from futuristic gadgets to innovative snacks, plus plenty of genius inventions that'll have an amazing impact on Dad's daily routine.

Click over to the Amazon Launchpad homepage to find some fun new products that'll help you upgrade your own life, but for now, keep scrolling to check out some of the best Father's Day gifts they're offering right now:

A No-Fail Egg Cooker

This handy egg cooker seems to be trending all over the internet, and for good reason. It has the ability to cook up nearly any kind of egg you could possibly want, including hard boiled, soft boiled, poached, scrambles, and even individual omelets! Trust me: Culinary dads in your life will be so egg-cited (I had to!) about adding this little wonder appliance to their arsenal.

A Phone-Friendly Lawn Sprinkler Controller

If you're in the market for a gift for a techie dad who's somehow able to control an entire home directly from his smartphone, then boy do I have the perfect gift for you. The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller can be linked with most major devices, plus it adjusts to the specific needs for your lawn, earning Dad some major bragging rights for saving cash and having the most pristine yard on the block.

A Handy Device That'll Score You Chef-Quality Meals

Know any dads who are always bragging about how they should open their own restaurant? Make that dream a reality with this ChefSteps Joule Sous Vide that will let them make nearly any dish at restaurant-quality. Bonus: It'll get you out of dinner duty for the rest of your life.

An Adventure Lover's New Favorite Gadget

File this one under "gifts literally everyone will love." This majorly cool portable lamp is powered by gravity, meaning it's just as handy in a power outage as it is during (yet another) family camping trip.

Tiny-And-Genius Bluetooth Trackers For Your Essentials

Help the go-getter in your life get to their destination a little more quickly with the help of these neat key finders. Simply attach one of the tiles to your keychain, or add one of the slim mats to your wallet or bag, then connect them to your device via Bluetooth to easily track them down in a snap.

The Tech Lover's New Go-To Notebook

I get it: Who needs another notebook cluttering up their house? Likely not a lot of people, but this one is so cool that dad'll finally toss all of his other notebooks into the recycling bin once and for all. This fancy notepad has 36 pages that you can *reuse* simply by using a specific line of pens to write on the pages, then wiping them clean. It even has the ability to scan and send your notes to a cloud service of your choice, officially making scribbling notes on old napkins and rogue receipts a thing of the past.

A Grill Thermometer Fit For A Culinary King

Dudes love grilling. Everyone else loves eating properly grilled food. This easy-to-use grilling and smoking thermometer lets you keep track of up to six different temperatures simultaneously, officially upping your simple backyard barbecue to a full-on smorgasbord.

Quick Doses Of Energy For The Fitness Fan In Your Life

Billed as "coffee you can put in your pocket," these things really mean business. Each GO CUBES Energy Chew boasts 50mg of caffeine and 100mg of L-theanine, giving dads a much-needed boost of energy that'll power them through their work day and their workout.

This post is sponsored by Amazon Launchpad.