The Most Perfect May The 4th E-Cards

It's hard to believe May the 4th is already here. What's even more difficult to believe is that something that originally began as a simple pun between friends has become an actual Star Wars holiday. Many Star Wars fans look forward to this day every year to take advantage of an epic play on words. And with the online connection of Star Wars fans around the world, it's become a pretty big tradition to post a pun-filled status or send a Star Wars message. So, if you're looking for May the 4th e-cards to send your Star Wars loving friend, there are plenty of great ones to consider sending this year.

From galaxies far, far away, whether on the dark side or a jedi, coming together for some Star Wars' puns is a great way to start off May. Although some celebrate Star Wars Day on May 25 to honor the day the first Star Wars movie premiered, May 4 is unofficial Star Wars Day for many others. Even Star Wars gets in on the fun every year with "May the 4th" greetings and articles.

So, if you know someone who's easily able to answer every Star Wars trivia question at game night or wears a Star Wars shirt every day, it's probably worth finding a punny e-card to send their way on May 4. Here are some Obi-viously awesome e-cards to share.


Always Party First

According to Hallmark, it's important that you "always party first" this May 4. Send this e-card video to a friend who can get a good laugh from it.



This is a fun Star Wars e-card created by Katie Cook you may want to send on to your favorite fan May 4.


Endor Dance Party

This is another Star Wars e-card video from Hallmark with a fun saying to send along to a friend: "Ain't no party like an Endor dance party 'cause an Endor dance party has ewoks."


Jabba Flow

In 2016, Star Wars released a little May 4 surprise. It was the full version of "Jabba Flow" from The Force Awakens along with this wonderfully chill Jabba to accompany it.


Rebel A Little

Use this Star Wars Day to rebel and send this Hallmark e-card to a friend who should join your rebellion.


Never Tell Me The Odds

Take your chances sending this Hallmark Star Wars e-card video to a friend for May 4.


Generations Of Force

"In every line... in every time... May the 4th be with you," shared Hallmark's heartfelt Star Wars Day e-card video.


A Galaxy Of Hugs

Send a virtual hug with this May the fourth e-card video from Hallmark.