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8 New Year's Eve Dresses You Can Breastfeed In Without Skipping A Beat

As the end of the year approaches, there is sure to be at least one New Year's Eve party on your calendar that you are planning for. Exciting as it may be, as a breastfeeding mom, that often means an evening that's a little bit outside of the norm for you. One of the biggest struggles that comes with going out with a baby in tow, New Year's Eve or not, is finding the right outfit or circumstance that allows you nurse with ease. Luckily, there are plenty of New Year's Eve dresses that you can breastfeed in that will allow you to tackle your number one priority — nursing — while conquering your second as well: looking good.

Whether you're planning on staying out until the disco ball drops and later with the little one in tow, or leaving the baby with a sitter and bringing your breast pump as your plus one, some dress styles provide easier access to the boobs than others. Believe it or not, however, there are quite a few options out there for breastfeeding moms that'll keep you looking stylish too. You can really get glammed up in head-to-toe metallics or keep it casual. Eitherway, there's a dress for any NYE outing you find yourself in this holiday season.

If you're in the process of finalizing your end of year plans and still looking for your outfit, look no further than our list of New Year's Eve dresses that you can breast feed in. You'll find something you'll love to ring in the new year.


Cutout Neckline Dress

Cut-Out Neckline Dress ($27, Milk Nursingwear)

Although this cutout-style neckline doesn't look breastfeeding-friendly at a glance, the top actually has a fabric panel that you can lift up for easy access. With a nursing bra of really any kind on, you're going to love that it won't leave you feeling over-exposed at all. This dress is a comfy, simple, and stylish — the perfect way to ring in the New Year.


Metallic Gown

Metallic Lace Two-Piece Gown ($250, Nordstrom)

Another nursing-friendly option for your night out is a two-piece dress like the one pictured above. This stunning and elegant assemble flows to the floor and gives you a classy, dressed-up look if you're going somewhere fancy. You can untuck and lift the top to breastfeed or pump, or you can let down the spaghetti straps. It's definitely appropriate for a more formal gathering and it's something you can keep in your closet for fancy occasions, like weddings.



Belted Shirtdress ($93, Macy's)

With a classic and stylish shirtdress, the options are totally endless this holiday. You can dress it up or down, throw on cute tights and boots, or stay bare-legged with pumps or fats. Whatever you choose though, a shirtdress allows you to unbutton — or in this case, unzip — from the top down for swiftest breastfeeding access while you're out. The pockets are the icing on the cake — think of all the snacks you can store in there, because you know how hungry you get when you're nursing.


Maxi Dress

Tricks of the Trade Maxi Dress ($78, Lulu's)

As a truly versatile and favorite go-to form of clothing, the maxi dress offers a look for just about any event. It's arguably one of the easiest to dress up or down, and this particular one has a convertible bodice so you can decide if you want to wear it as a halter, one-shoulder, cross-front, strapless, and more. To breastfeed or pump, you can easily pull the stretchy chest panel to the side without a struggle. Depending on how you decide to wear this dress, bra-less is an option, as is strapless, or even a sheer, low-cut option like this Viva Plunge Nursing Bra ($40, JCPenney) could work.


Overlay Dress

Overlay Dress ($24, TopShop)

If you're going for a casual look, a soft overlay dress is a great option for moms. It's stretchy, and loose, but still highlights your curves well and allows you to pull up the top fabric panel to nurse or pump. Above all, it is comfortable, and you can wear this number at any time or day. If you love the dress but want to glam it up a bit, get it in black and deck yourself with sparkly accessories.


Wrap Dress

Faux-Wrap Dress ($40, Kohl's)

Another comfortable yet stylish option for breastfeeding moms is a wrap dress. When it comes to accessibility, you've got a lot of wiggle room. Simply untie the wrap for easier access, and use the excess fabric to keep yourself covered if you feel more comfortable that way.


Cami Dress

All Over Ruffle Cami Dress ($55, Asos)

Another elegant breastfeeding-friendly option is a cami dress. Spaghetti straps are easy to whip down in a second and the artful tiered layers on this number feel festive and formal. Again, if you're not comfortable going without a bra (and especially if you're still utilizing nursing pads), go strapless.


Double Layer Dress

Embellished Flower Double Layer Dress ($87, Asos)

This dress is perfect for those who want comfortability, coverage, and stye. Especially if you’ve recently given birth (or even if you’re expecting and still breastfeeding your first), this is a great fit for women of all shapes, sizes, and stages in motherhood. Enjoy your night out and simply lift the fabric fold up to nurse or pump throughout NYE.


Deep-V Dress

Faithfull Linen Deep-V Dress ($208, Anthropologie)

For a gorgeous and unique look on any dress, a deep-V style gives you a ton of options to choose from. The best part is that if you need to breastfeed or pump while you're out, you can easily pull aside the panel in one quick motion without unbuttoning, untying, or unzipping anything. For this dress, you'll want to utilize a low-cut bra ($24, American Eagle) option. Or, if you don't think that will work, try a sew-in cup, like this one from Kohl's ($12, Kohl's).

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