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The 8 Best Maternity Bras On Amazon, According to Real Women

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If bra shopping isn't your idea of a great time, trying to find the best maternity and nursing bras for your body might seem like a daunting task. Images of enormous straightjacket-like getups with eight tiny clasps down the back instantly come to mind. But if there's one thing many pregnant ladies have learned the hard way, it's that an amazing and supportive bra can make all the difference as your body starts to change and grow.

One of the biggest complaints women have with bras intended for new moms? That they're all, well, just plain frumpy. But here's the thing: comfortable maternity and nursing bras don't have to look like turn-of-the-19th-century garb in order to offer great support in all the right places. Some of them are even downright sexy. Whether you're into chic lace cuts or cute polka dot patterns, there are options out there that will fit your pre-pregnancy style and enhance your overall maternity wardrobe.

Romper asked eight women who are currently, or have recently been, pregnant what their go-to maternity bra has been for ultimate comfort and style through three trimesters and beyond. Here are their top recommendations, along with helpful anecdotes revealing what they liked about these picks in particular, from surprisingly sexy silhouettes to designs that actually allow for low-cut dresses and shirts.

A Soft French Terry Bra

"I loved this bra for sleeping throughout most of my pregnancy, although I did have to order a larger size in my third trimester. It's also great for nursing in those first few weeks when everything is really tender." —Jill S., 38DD

A Soft Underwire Maternity and Nursing Bra

"I’m 7 months in with my second baby, so I’ve been around the nursing bra block and this is actually the best nursing bra I’ve had. I’ve bought super expensive nursing bras in the past, but this one fits well, is supportive, and the price is great! I bought it after the bras I had been using kept falling apart after just a month or so of wear and this one definitely feels sturdier." —Gina, 40C

A Silk Seamless Bra

"This bra is comfortable, supportive, and doesn't look weird under clothes. It gets one billion good reviews as well." —Carolyn L., 34B

A Full Coverage Bra With No Wires

"After wearing nothing but nursing tanks since other maternity bras were so uncomfortable and caused me to become engorged from the pressure, I finally bought this bra and OMG! The fabric is so soft that feel like I'm not wearing a bra at all! It is full coverage and fit exactly as I expected." —Sarah M, 38DD/E

A Supportive T-Shirt Bra

"I knew I needed extra support when I got pregnant, but I wanted something similar to what I was used to wearing. I loved this Cake Bra — it definitely gave more support but still looked like a normal bra." —Emma C., 38E

A Lacy Bra

"I ordered a few standard maternity bras when I was pregnant with my first baby, but by the third trimester they just seemed really boring. I ordered this Sexy Mama Bra and found it to be just as comfortable as the ugly bras. Win-win." —Jamie E., 36DDD

A Sports Bra

"I have 5 of these bras! I am a super active mom and wear sports bras all the time even when I'm not nursing, so I am kind of a sports bra pro ;). [...] I have tried MANY nursing sports bras, include the very expensive brands, but these are super functional. The clip makes it easy to nurse (other velcro brands are nearly impossible). These are great for low impact activities and have pretty good support, but, for me, there isn't enough support for higher impact activities like running. I strongly suggest buying these. I used these with my first baby, and bought more when #2 came." —Rosalyn Z, L

A Plunge Bra

"Most maternity or nursing bras I found offered so much coverage, I couldn't get away with wearing them under certain shirts or dresses. This bra had a different shape in front and back that meant it was perfect for occasions and odd necklines while I was pregnant." —Erica Q., 38E

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