8 Party City Halloween 2018 Costumes For Pregnant Women That Are Totally Bumpin'


Finding a Halloween costume when you're pregnant can be a real drag. Sure, there are plenty of costumes for mamas with babies, but there really aren't a lot of affordable options if that baby is still cooking (unless you want to go the DIY route). Fortunately, you can still find Halloween costumes at Party City for pregnant women, even if they're not exactly labeled as such. Whether you're planning on trick-or-treating with your older kid(s), or have a friend's masquerade party to attend, you've got to got to dress up that bump!

Looking through Party City's selection of Halloween costumes, I loved some of their pop culture references, like this one of Eleven ($35, Party City), who was by far the most memorable character from the addicting Netflix show, Stranger Things. Even if you're rocking a large baby bump, you could still don the Eleven wig and jacket, along with a pink maternity dress, and you'd totally have yourself a more than legit Halloween costume.

So, who cares if the costume you're eyeing isn't specifically made for maternity? You can still have fun in the dress-up department with these clever costumes from Party City! And if there was ever a time to treat yourself to some Halloween candy while you're there, this is it.

1Edna Mode from 'The Incredibles 2'

Edna Mode Costume - The Incredibles 2


Party City

Now's your chance to dress up as your favorite fashion designer from the family superhero movie, 'The Incredibles 2.' The costume comes with a wig, glasses, and tunic, so you have enough to work with no matter how big your bump is. For smaller bumps, the tunic could be loose enough as is, although you might have to wear leggings instead of tights to accommodate the "riding up" factor. For larger bumps, you could opt to pair the look with a different blue maternity dress if the tunic is too hard to get in and out of.

2Price Is Right Contestant

Adult Blue The Price Is Right Contestant Costume


Party City

This 'Price Is Right' contestant costume might look constricting but it's actually just an apron designed to look like a game show stand (complete with microphone), so you could simply tie it loosely enough to accommodate your bump.

3'80s Sweatsuit

'80s Sweat Suit Costume


Party City

This costume could work whatever stage of your pregnancy you're in: Wear the pants low, and the jacket unzipped to make room for your XL bump. Plus, you could have a lot of fun with accessories, like scrunchies, sweat bands, and '80s bling.

4Paper Doll

Paper Doll Costume


Party City

This fun throwback costume comes with a dress, apron and headband bow. Preggo mamas will probably have to ditch the dress that's included in favor of a maternity one, but the foam apron with fringed edges and paper tabs, and the headband are what really make the look any way.

5Super Mom

Super Mom Costume


Party City

If you have older kids and are pregnant now, what could be more appropriate than dressing as Super Mom, complete with extra arms for all that multi-tasking? This costume comes with a shirt with a "Super Mom" patch, an attached pearl necklace, an attached apron, an attached cape, and four attached foam arms. The key for making it work with a preggo belly would be getting the biggest possible sized shirt, or even cutting the shirt some in the back to make room.

6Adult Plug & Socket Couple's Costume

Adult Plug & Socket Costume


Party City

This plug and socket get-up is the perfect tongue-in-cheek couple's costume for expecting parents. And since the socket tunic is loose, there's room for a bump underneath.

7Eleven's Punk Look from 'Stranger Things'

Eleven Punk Look Costume - Stranger Things


Party City

As I mentioned above, Party City has some awesome Eleven costumes from 'Stranger Things', including this one featuring her punk look. It includes a wig, jacket and wrist wrap, all of which are totally bump-friendly!

8Oreos Couple's Costume

Adult Oreos Couples Costume


Party City

This is another great couple's costume for expecting parents that are totally stuck on each other. It comes with two tunics, which can conveniently slip over that growing belly.