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8 Photos That Prove Nick Jonas Would Be The Best Dad Ever

They've only been married since December, yet baby watch is in full swing when it comes to Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra. But as fans know, things move fast with Jonas and Chopra — the two only dated a short while before deciding to tie the knot. In fact, people are already talking about what a great dad Jonas will be once the time comes. If you're wondering what kind of daddy Jonas would be like, look no further than his interactions with his nieces, because these photos that prove Nick Jonas would be the best dad ever.

Out of the four Jonas brothers, only one has children. Brother Kevin Jonas is father to two girls, who Nick spoils on a daily basis, according to his Instagram posts. But the focus seems to be on Nick and his future skills as a father. Maybe it's because of his whirlwind romance with Chopra. Maybe it's because he totally loves kids. Whatever the case, fans can't wait for a tiny Jonas-Chopra baby.

"[Having a family of my own] is the goal," Jonas told Cosmopolitan back in August. “It’s definitely something that I hope will happen.”

And there you have it. Take a look at these photos that only prove he'll be the best dad ever.

He Adores His Nieces

That's one proud uncle! Looks like Jonas absolutely loves spending time with his nieces — his brother Kevin's two girls Alena, 5, and Valentina, 2, according to PopSugar. Kevin revealed that Valentina took a while to open up to Chopra. "Every time her [Priyanka] hand would go around Nick, she would just push it off," Kevin told James Corden on his show. "She's very territorial," Nick added.

He Knows How to Cuddle A Baby

Here he is with niece Valentina and she's ready for some serious snuggling with her fav uncle, paci, and lovey. She doesn't seem to mind his beard scruff and it looks like she's enjoying every sweet minute. It's a sure bet that fans are swooning over this pic.

If He's Good With A Puppy..

Imagine how good he'll be with the kids! And this picture is nothing short of adorable. There's just something about man's best friend that puts a smile on your face. The cute guy helps too. Imagine him out on a walk, pushing a stroller and holding a leash at the same time.

He's Not Afraid Of Being Silly

But by the looks of it, he might want to try a little harder! In any case, it doesn't look like he'll be giving up any time soon. If the amount of posts about his nieces are any indication, Unlce Nick is totally obsessed.

He's A Proud Uncle

Jonas doesn't miss a beat when it comes to attending family gatherings and being a supportive uncle (and brother).

He Never Misses To The Chance To Chat Up A Small Fan

What could they be talking about? Perhaps a collab or their love for funky fashion? Oh to be a fly on the wall, especially since that's the one and only Blue Ivy he's talking to!

He's All Smiles Around The Kids

Dads love to play and it looks like Jonas would be no different. Here he is all smiles with his niece. Those smiles say it all. And that Dolce and Gabbana American-themed button-up is pretty cool too.

He Knows How To Love Unconditionally

This picture throw back pic to the first time he met his niece Valentina pretty much sums it up. Love at first is true when it comes to babies. He's been there before with Kevin's daughters, so imagine how he'll feel when he gets to hold his own children for the first time. Swoon.