8 Pieces Of Clothing You *Need* Postpartum, 'Cause Comfort Is Your #1 Priority

After I had my first baby, I vividly remember shuffling around the hospital room, struggling to sit down, my clothes getting in the way, and not wanting to expose my stomach in order to breastfeed. All of these issues meant I didn't realize there were pieces of clothing every woman needs postpartum to feel comfortable because our bodies go through a lot. If you've experienced life after birth, you can probably attest to how much of a burden postpartum clothes can be if they're not tailored to a recovering or breastfeeding body.

Luckily, as time went on, I learned what worked best for me to function efficiently, thanks in part due to my efforts of reaching out to other moms to see what their best clothing go-tos were soon after giving birth. The second time around, since I was better informed about the types of clothing I should add to my wardrobe, functioning as a new mom was much more comfortable with the right fits.

If you're expecting a new baby and wondering what you can do to make life a little simpler after birth, I would highly suggest addressing your postpartum wardrobe to make sure you're totally prepared. It may seem excessive at first, but you will thank us for this later. Take a look through some of the pieces below and consider adding them to your closet if you haven't already.


Big, Comfy Underwear

Just My Size Cotton Briefs ($13, Target)

According to Babble, big underwear are a must-have after birth to stay comfy and utilize pads for the bleeding. You can also buy a pack of "granny panties" like the ones above, wear those for a bit, and toss them. Bigger, looser underwear are much more comfortable when you're sore down there but also a great go-to for any bleeding or leakage postpartum.


Nursing Bra

Seamless Nursing Bra ($25, Motherhood Maternity)

If you're a breastfeeding mom, bras that don't allow you to disconnect the strap for easy access can be a huge hassle. Plus, they're pretty uncomfortable when trying to breastfeed in general. So opt for a nursing bra that lets you breastfeed with ease. Luckily, there are several types of nursing bras, even nursing sports bras if you prefer, where you can easily unhinge a strap and pull down one side of the bra to breastfeed or pump, or quickly fish your nipple out of the cup so that you're exposing only what you need to when nursing.


Sports Bra

Ta Ta Tamer ($58, Lululemon)

For moms who aren't nursing, a regular, sturdy sports bra offers great support after birth. Whether you're up and moving with baby or trying to catch some sleep, support helps postpartum breasts feel better. Additionally, if you're starting to workout again, a sports bra is a great option to keep your breasts firmly in place and stop them from hurting while you move around. Trust, you are not going to want to put your favorite bra with an underwire on soon after you've had a baby.


Nursing Tank Tops

Bravado! Designs Nursing Tank Top ($55, Target)

A nursing tank top is a comfy way to wear support and maintain easy access for breastfeeding or pumping. There are a ton of nursing tank top options out there, available in a wide range of prices. Especially if you're not feeling a bra, a nursing tank top is a comfortable alternative to get support for your breasts. Even better, there are tons of tanks that even have a built in bra.


Nursing Gown

Nursing Nightgown ($30, Motherhood Maternity)

Especially in the warmer seasons, a nursing gown (like this lighweight option above) is good for easy access when breastfeeding or pumping in the middle of the night. As a bonus, the looser fit and lighter material feels much better on a postpartum body than a tighter, heavier piece of nightwear. And it's going to be so nice to not have to wear pants, regardless of how you delivered your baby.


Loose Pajamas

Liz Claiborne Pajama Knit Set ($27, JCPenney)

Ok, sometimes you will need to wear pants (even if you don't want to. An oversized pair of pajama pants and loose top are the perfect cozy clothes to wear to bed after birth. Especially during the cooler parts of the year, grabbing a two-piece, comfy pajama duo can be a postpartum lifesaver at night — plus easy access for nursing if the top is a button down.


Patterned Shirts

Tie-Sleeve Blouse ($13, H&M)

If you find yourself leaking milk often or unexpectedly, a mix of dark and light colors on a patterned shirt can be your best friend, according to Momtastic. Those leaky spots will just look like they are part of the busy pattern, if they are even noticeable at all.


Leggings & Yoga Pants

High Waisted Stretch Leggings ($15, Express)

A comfy pair of yoga pants or leggings are a great go-to postpartum. Immediately after giving birth, you will probably even revert back to your maternity sweats, even though you innocently thought you would be back in your old jeans as soon as your baby popped out. Sorry. When the waist is high, it doesn't put any pressure on sensitive areas, like your lower abdomen, and they work with everything (including baby barf!). Whether you're going out or staying in, this is a great piece to have in your postpartum wardrobe because it can be dressed up or down.

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