8 Random But Genius Products For Babies Invented By Doctors

After making it through four years of medical school — plus residency, rounds, and fellowships — doctors have earned the right to say, "Trust me — I'm a doctor." So, when I come across baby products invented by doctors, I can trust that they're going to be thoughtfully designed items that work to make my children happier and healthier.

After all, doctors have seen it all: the good, the bad, and the perplexing ("You put the LEGO where?"). They know what sort of items are lacking, and they know where a new product makes an impact. That whole advanced-degree thing doesn't hurt, either. (Unfortunately for the rest of us, saying "I'm not a doctor, but have you considered..." doesn't quite have the same effect — unless you have more than four children, in which case, I'll listen to anything you have to say.)

Thanks to forward-thinking doctors, there are products on the shelves that help children manage pain from shots, clear up congestion with a snot-sucking straw (I swear it's not as gross as it sounds, and I swear it works!), and even a pacifier that can dispense liquid medicine right into a baby's mouth.

These innovative baby products invented by doctors can all make life easier for you and your little one, no medical degree required.


A Device To Minimize Shot Pain

Buzzy XL Personal Lady Buzz, $60, Amazon

It's not uncommon for little ones to be afraid of getting a shot, and who can blame them? Those suckers can hurt. After seeing child after child recoil (or worse) at the prospect of getting a shot, Dr. Amy Baxter, M.D. invented the pain-minimizing Buzzy, which stimulates the skin's nerves with ice, vibrations, and other distractions so the injection doesn't have quite the same sting. Fewer tears at the doctor's office are always a good thing.


A Training Toothbrush

Baby Buddy Baby's 1st Toothbrush, $13, Amazon

Your baby's pearly whites may have just started budding, but it's never too early to instill good dental-hygiene habits with a baby-friendly, silicone toothbrush. Invented by a pediatric dentist, this flexible toothbrush helps remove bacteria and sugar with water alone — no overpoweringly minty toothpaste required. As an added bonus, it's designed so your little one can safely chomp away to soothe tender gums, too.


A Snotsucker For Stuffy Noses

NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator, $15, Amazon

Dealing with your baby's stuffy nose is never the most fun part of motherhood, but one doctor shook up the game by inventing this straw-like aspirator that uses your own suction to clear congestion. The initial reaction to a product that's legitimately subtitled "The Snotsucker" is, not surprisingly, a bit wary, but when parents find out how quickly and effectively it works, they climb right aboard the boogie bandwagon.


A Sound Machine with Womb Noises

Prince Lionheart Original Slumber Bear with Silkie Blanket, $20 - $53, Amazon

For nine months, a baby listens to Mom's heart thumping and circulation whooshing for the in-utero playlist, so it's no surprise these sounds can have a calming effect on your little one. This doctor-invented lovey-plus-sound machine plays an actual recording from inside a woman's womb to help your baby feel right at home — so much so, that it's been used in hospital nurseries for over 35 years. Tuck the sound machine inside the bear, or leave it out for a louder effect.


Baby Bottles That Reduce Fussiness

Dr. Brown's Bottles, 4-Pack, $30, Amazon

Yes, there really is a Dr. Brown. Yes, he really is a doctor. And — most importantly — yes, his baby bottles with a patented internal vent system really do help reduce colic, spit-up, and gas. In addition to eliminating air bubbles, the venting helps prevent a vacuum from forming, so the contents can flow freely, just like nursing. There are more pieces to wash than with a regular bottle (though they are dishwasher-safe), but the happier baby in the end is worth it.


Moldable Earplugs For Water Activities

Putty Buddies Original Swimming Earplugs, $8, Amazon

Loving to splash in the water is practically a universal truth of childhood. But for some kids, especially those with ear tubes or prone to swimmer's ear, a happy day in the water can quickly turn painful. To help make water more fun for everyone, one ear, nose and throat doctor invented soft, moldable Putty Buddies, which rest comfortably in the ear (not in the ear canal) to prevent water from breaching. Don't forget to include the Ear Band-It, a neoprene headband that pairs with your earplugs to help keep them in place.


Wipeable Sunscreen

MD Moms Baby Sunscreen Wipes, $17, Amazon

Protecting your little one's delicate skin from the sun's harmful rays is so important. But slathering sticky goop on a squirming, wriggling baby is no easy feat, which is why two pediatricians (the "M.D. Moms" in question) invented gentle, broad-spectrum sunscreen wipes safe for babies. Each wipe is saturated with enough sweat-proof, SPF-30 sunscreen to cover a baby's skin from head to toe.


A Pacifier That Dispenses Medicine

Pacidose Pacifier Liquid Medicine Dispenser, $15, Amazon

Convincing tiny humans to take medicine is tough work. Reasoning with them is wildly ineffective ("Come on, be rational, this will make you feel better!"), and bribery always backfires. To make this very necessary task easier, one ER doctor, mother, and war veteran (how's that for a resume?) invented the Pacidose pacifier. It feels just like a regular pacifier to a baby, but by attaching any standard oral syringe to it, it becomes your liquid medicine-dispensing best friend. For babies under six months, be sure to purchase the smaller version of Pacidose.

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