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8 Signs Your Partner Feels Insecure

When trust is broken for a couple, it can be tough to recover. Just one issue of infidelity or mistrust can plague an otherwise healthy relationship. Sometimes, however, your partner's issues have nothing to do with you and more to do with their own feelings of anxiety. If you suspect that your partner lacks confidence in themselves or your relationship, you should know the signs your partner is feeling insecure.

Fishing for compliments, wanting to keep you away from acquaintances, and even putting you down, are just a few of the signs that your partner is dealing with some relationship insecurity. Although it may seem innocent or even flattering at first, this kind of behavior can spell trouble for your relationship in the long run.

If your partner is insecure, you should do your best to be a supportive companion and let your partner know how much they are appreciated, as Women's Health advised. That positive feedback can help quell some of the feelings of apprehension and help establish confidence in your relationship.

And although you may want to do everything you can to help ease your partner's anxiety, don't go out of your way to change your lifestyle, as Psychology Today suggested. If you do, you are taking responsibility for your partner's insecurities. No matter what they may be telling you, it's more than likely that those feelings of insecurity were there long before you entered the picture.


They Don't Want To Share You

Whether it's drinks with the girls or a business dinner, your insecure partner gets a little nervous every time you leave the house. As a result they may try to keep you away from other friends and family, according to Madame Noire. You can help ease their nerves by making sure your partner knows the key people in your life.


They Smother You

You may think spending all of your time together is cute in the beginning of your relationship, but after a while, it can start to get annoying. According to Psychology Today, an insecure partner takes togetherness to a whole new level and barely lets you get a moment alone.


They Need Constant Approval

Your partner makes all of those self-deprecating remarks for a reason. They say things like "I'm so dumb" or "That was stupid," in order for you to reassure them that it isn't true. Fishing for compliments is a clear sign that your partner is dealing with some issues of insecurity, according to Psychology Today.


They Put You Down

An insecure person often tries to make themselves feel better by putting others down. Even if they claim to be joking, your partner's insults can be a sign of a larger issue.


They Don't Trust You

From looking through your phone or email to bombarding you with questions about your whereabouts, your partner will often show their insecurity through their lack of trust, according to Madame Noire. They need to hear you tell them how committed you are, which is why they make you defend yourself against accusations of wrongdoing,


They Sweat The Small Stuff

Someone who is insecure is always holding some anger underneath the surface, as Dr. Seth Meyers wrote on the eHarmony blog. They are always looking for a fight and the smallest thing can set them off.


They May Be Unfaithful

Your insecure partner may accuse you of being unfaithful. But in reality, they may be the one doing the dirt. According to Elite Daily, infidelity can often be linked to low self-esteem on the part of the cheater.


They're Always Comparing Themselves To Others

You may not think anyone is smarter, funnier, or more successful, but your insecure partner will always be keeping score. They'll constantly feel the need to see how they stack up to others, according to eHarmony's blog.