8 Chill Ways To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day If You're Sober

I have to admit, I've never been one to get tanked on St. Patrick's Day, but now that I have kids that slim possibility has disappeared. Instead, we're going to honor all our Irish heritage with a whole bunch of these ways to celebrate St. Patrick's Day if you're sober — or if you're a parent who, at the very least, has to get their kids out the door to baseball or ballet the next morning!

With a list of Irish ancestors a mile long, celebrating St. Patrick's Day has always been the big activity in an otherwise dreary month. As you get older, it becomes a little harder to remember that you don't have to step foot in a pub in order to be festive and have a great time. First things first, wear something green — it's just more fun. And it's not like there's a whole lot else that's green in a lot of places around the country at this time of year, not counting the St. Patrick's Day decorations, of course!

While it's definitely fun to drink Irish coffee and Guinness on St. Patrick's Day, it's not necessary to celebrate the holiday and doesn't exactly celebrate the best Ireland has to offer. Instead, pick up some Irish butter and queue up an Irish movie for an equally festive day.


Listen To Irish Music

And I don't mean listen to Irish dancing music all night until you feel like your head might explode. I mean turn on some amazing from Irish singers — maybe new-to-you tunes from artists like James Vincent McMorrow or Una Healy.


Make Green Food

I'll level with you: Irish people don't make green food. They just eat regular food — and they don't even eat corned beef! But turning food green on St. Patrick's Day is a particularly Irish-American way of celebrating, and a fun way to eat. It works especially well for pancakes or waffles.


Watch Father Ted

If you're in the mood for a television show that comes in quick 30 minute bursts, replete with hilarious yet perplexing priests, Father Ted is for you. Some Americans might find the humor a little difficult to understand, but there's no show more iconically Irish.


Or A Classic Irish Movie

The Commitments and Waking Ned Devine are my two all-time favorite movies set in Ireland. Much, much better than Leap Year, which includes accents that make most Irish people cringe.


Go Somewhere Green

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day can be as simple as going outside and finding an open space to wander for some fresh air. Down south we have the luxury of the grass staying green year round, but up north you might just have to use your imagination.


Bake Soda Bread

And slather it with Irish butter. While Irish people don't necessarily eat green food or corned beef on St. Patrick's Day, they do make or buy soda bread year round and use it as a vehicle for their inimitable butter.


Go To A Parade

Depending on where you live, your parade might rival the one that cruises down the O'Connell Street in Dublin. If you have a medium or large parade in your home, go see it. They're surprisingly entertaining, so long as the weather cooperates.


Read A Book By An Irish Author

It might not be the most rousing or exciting Saturday night plan for you, but you can bet you'll be rested come Saturday morning. Maeve Binchy is just about the coziest weaver of small Irish towns, and Donal Ryan writes about the traveller community in an incredibly vivid way.

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