8 Special Qualities Princess Diana & Kate Middleton Have In Common

Whenever a new face marries into the royal family, a few things can be expected. First of all, there's the initial hesitance from fans and the public. Tabloids seemingly try to spin photos a certain way, anonymous sources always have an "insider perspective" on the situation, and sometimes rumors about family strife can surface. Secondly, the prospective royal is compared to other members of the family, a phenomenon Kate Middleton has been no exception to. And with that being said, here are eight qualities Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have in common.

In some ways, I feel empathy for Kate Middleton — it must be difficult always being compared to the beloved Princess Diana. The "People's Princess" was incredibly popular and loved by so many, regardless of their nationality. This admiration for Diana only intensified after her untimely death in 1997 due to a car crash, with many continuing to pay tribute to her to this day.

Diana's warmth, passion, and charisma is a tough act to follow, no doubt. And although Kate Middleton hasn't quite filled those shoes (because honestly, who can?) there are a number of similarities between her and her late mother-in-law, whom she never had the opportunity to meet. Such as...

Their Devotion To Charity Work For Taboo Causes

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Princess Diana's dedication to charity work is one of the qualities that gained her popularity. Interestingly, the Princess of Wales supported causes that helped people who had conditions like AIDS/HIV and leprosy. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton seems to be walking in her late mother-in-law's footsteps as she works with charities tackling addiction and supporting mental health.

Their Hands-On Parenting Styles

The Duchess of Cambridge, meanwhile, is always getting down on her kids' level to speak with them. And her playful reaction to Princess Charlotte blowing a raspberry was just too cute.

Both Princess Diana and Kate Middleton have shown to have hands-on, fun parenting styles. When it came to raising Prince William and Prince Harry, Diana didn't hold back with showing them physical affection. She clearly enjoyed being a mom, too, as evident by photos. One in particular of Diana laughing while on a log ride with William and Harry stands out for me.

Their Sense Of Style Is Somewhat Similar

Honestly, I've lost track of all the times media outlets have declared the Duchess of Cambridge's fashion choices were "channeling" that of Princess Diana. Although not all of their looks are the same, it's pretty difficult to argue that both women aren't style icons. And the similarities between their styles at times is uncanny.

They Both Know The Pressures Of Raising A Future King

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Because Prince William is second in line to the throne, Diana had the unique role of raising a future king, something that's difficult to wrap your head around unless you've done it yourself. But that's exactly what Kate Middleton is doing right now, as Prince George is fourth in line to the throne. It's both a unique privilege and a burden, I'm sure.

They Both Had Paying Jobs Before Becoming Royalty

Princess Diana was the first royal bride to have held a paying job, followed by Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. Diana worked as a nanny and as a teacher's aide for preschool and kindergarten, according to Business Insider. Likewise, Kate was an accessory buyer for the clothing company Jigsaw, according to Marie Claire. She also did photography and marketing for her family's party supply company. Of course, this all came to an end when they became engaged to royalty. But still.

They Both Have Younger Brothers

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Both royal women grew up with a younger brother. Diana's brother, Charles, is the current Earl Spencer. Meanwhile, Kate Middleton has a younger brother, James Middleton. James, who is a businessman, opened up about his struggle with depression in June.

They Weren't Born With Royal Blood

Kate Middleton was born into an upper-middle class family, sure. But she didn't have any fancy titles, and had a relatively normal upbringing, all things considered.

Princess Diana wasn't technically a commoner, as she was born into British nobility. When her father became Earl Spencer, she earned the title Lady Diana. With that said, however, she still wasn't royalty prior to her relationship with Prince Charles.

They Were Destined To Be Queen

When they married into the royal family, both Diana and Kate became future queens consort, although that's not how they're referenced. Diana became the Princess of Wales since Charles is first in line to the British throne. Kate is the Duchess of Cambridge, since Prince William was given the title of Duke of Cambridge on the day he was married.