8 Spring Outfits That Will Get Your Little Ones Ready In 10 Minutes Flat


There are days when getting your kid dressed is a task. Between fighting over what to wear and then struggling to get it on, it can be a lot — and take more time than you may have each morning. While a little fuss is an inevitable part of parenthood, it does help to have a plan in place to make it all a bit easier.

The chances of a morning meltdown are a lot less likely when you’ve stocked up on a range of looks you already know your little ones love. If all you’ve got is a couple of minutes, a closet full of go-to outfits you can agree on is a life-saver. In partnership with Wonder Nation, a size-inclusive line for kids of all ages at Walmart, we’ve curated a selection of affordable, fuss-proof looks that will make morning dressing so much easier. What you do with the time you save is totally up to you.

Bright Stripes

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Short Sleeve Set; Shorts; Canvas Sneakers; 2-Piece Set; Gladiator Sandal

Stripes are a style classic and play nicely with other colors and patterns. Florals, bright solids, and even stripes with other stripes make for spirited looks you’ll both love.

Denim Days

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Smocked Dress; Bow Sandals; Button Up; Jeans; Knit Oxfords

Denim goes a lot further than just a pair of jeans these days. Chambray dresses, lightweight tops, and structured jackets are all great springtime options — and not only because the fabric is durable enough to withstand anything your kid throws at it.

Totally Tie-Dye

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Ombre Polo; Shorts; Fisherman Sandals; Tie Dye Set; Sandals

There's nothing more fun than the freedom of choosing clothes for kids. Not only are there no strict rules, but bright colors are always encouraged, making tie-dyed styles the perfect addition to your roster.

Keep It Casual

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Denim Jacket; Dress; Glitter Sneakers; 3-Piece Set; Knit Sneakers

When all else fails, the less fuss, the better. Try a knit jersey dress with a denim jacket or a relaxed sporty set for complete, ready-to-go outfits you'll reach for time and again.

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