8 Sweet Ways To Celebrate Galentine's Day With Your Daughter


If Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the romantic relationship in your life, then Galentine's Day is about celebrating all your favorite gals! It’s the day before V-Day, and, while it may be known mostly as a girl-squad appreciation day, this holiday is also the perfect excuse to shower the littlest lady in your life — your daughter — with some love.

This Feb. 13, tell your besties that G-Day is all about mommy and daughter time — you can always send a box of chocolates or a card their way later.

Whether she's a toddler or a teen, every girl craves special time spent with mom. However you choose to celebrate, she’ll appreciate the extra mommy time and you’ll have fun finding sweet ways to show her just how much you care about her.

Romper teamed up with the DQ® brand to round up all the sweetest ways you can make your girl feel special this Galentine's Day, so read on to start feeling the love.

1. Make Her Favorite Weekend Breakfast — On A Weekday

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Does your girl love waffles with a big syrupy smiley face? Or a stack of pancakes that's almost as tall as she is? Surprise her at the kitchen table with whatever her favorite weekend breakfast is. Go the full mile with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and maybe even some rainbow sprinkles.

2. Hide A Love Note In Her Lunch

Show your love with a handwritten card snuck into her lunchbox. Write down everything you love about her, like how smart, funny, or caring she is. Jot it down on a heart-shaped card, then tuck it into her lunch for a surprise that will have her smiling ear-to-ear all afternoon long.

3. Play A Game That's All About Love

Adding a lovey-dovey twist to a classic game will make your daughter feel all the more celebrated. Instead of normal tic-tac-toe with X's and O's, play a love-centric version of the game using hearts and kisses, or print out a kid-friendly word search with all love-related words and work together to circle them all.

4. Surprise Her With A Sweet Treat

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Newsflash: Nothing makes someone feel more special than being surprised with a mouth-watering cake. This Galentine’s Day, start a new tradition with your girl and pick up the Mini Double Fudge Cookie Dough Treat Heart Cake from DQ®, add candles, and make a mom-and-daughter wish. Have a special moment with just the two of you, or go for the full-size Double Fudge Cookie Dough Treat Heart Cake and invite your fave mom-and-daughter duos over for a Galentine's party.

5. Write A Song

Who doesn’t dream about having a song written just for them? Take a popular tune and change the lyrics to lines that describe what you love about your daughter. Don’t worry about becoming an expert singer overnight — she’ll appreciate the thought and the novelty of the fun performance more than anything.

6. Dress To Impress

Ladies, Galentine's Day is as good a time as any to get fancy! So put on your sparkly dresses, load on costume jewelry, and top it off with feather boas. Once you're all decked out, go to a movie, do some shopping, or simply enjoy a walk around town to show off your next-level looks.

7. Get Crafty

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Make a lasting memory by creating something together that you'll both treasure for years to come. Pick up a canvas and paints from your local art store and collaborate on your very own masterpiece (no worries if it's "abstract"). Or stock up on beads — bonus points for pink, red, and heart-shaped — and string to make matching bracelets.

8. Turn Your Living Room Into A Mini-Spa

Pamper your little one with a kid-friendly spa day. Warm up some towels and bathrobes in the dryer, slice some cucumbers for her eyes, and pick out a few glittery nail polishes for her to choose from for her own personal mani-pedi. If you’re brave enough, you can even let her paint your nails — she’ll love the grown-up experience and the chance to be just like her mommy.

However you end up celebrating Galentine's Day this year, remember that the simple act of showing your daughter you appreciate her will mean more than anything.

This post is sponsored by the DQ® brand.