8 Times Katie Otto From 'American Housewife' Made You Say "Girl, Same"


Remember when the term "housewife" would evoke thoughts of doting women in aprons and pearls, cheerily serving meals to their husbands with one hand while simultaneously soothing a crying baby with the other? And you know how you somehow can't help but picture them standing in a small, square frame in black and white? Yeah, that's because that definition of housewife is officially a relic of the past, and we're now lucky enough to have a modernized set of rules to break, courtesy of Katie Otto, the namesake of ABC Network's American Housewife.

This snarky, modern, stay-at-home mom is the voice of reason in every scenario moms typically encounter — from the triumphant to the flat-out obnoxious. Whether she's putting a bratty kid in their place with a hefty dose of side-eye, or if she's passing along lessons on the importance of accepting yourself to her daughters, she's cemented herself as the mom hero we all need, but who none of us deserve. You can catch an entirely new batch of her perfectly timed one-liners when Season 2 of the hit ABC comedy premieres on Wednesday, September 27 9:30 ET, but for now we've rounded up our favorite moments when Katie expertly handled any and every annoying parenting situation, with zero sign of regret.

Basically Every Time She Gives This Look:


That aggressive hair flip is giving me chills and I didn't even do anything.

Or This One:


For added anger, this is right after her son told her "You don't even have a job!" while she was driving, and then she slammed the breaks and shut it down.

When She Tried Her Hardest To Bond With Her Kids But Then Was Like:


Nope. I'm good. Hard pass. Thanks a lot.

When She Bravely Stood Up For Her Own Needs


Is it really so much to ask?

When She Expertly Responded To A Gluten Skeptic


You know you're thinking it.

When She Was At The Pool And Realized The Root Of Most Of Life's Problems


When She Knew Where To Draw The Line Between Herself And A Teenager


Way to be part of the solution, Katie.

And When She Nailed Her Inspirational Speech And Then Did This:


Honestly, there's no feeling more satisfying than saying the perfect thing at the perfect time and then walking away feeling so ALIVE!

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