8 TV Shows That Teach Inclusive Feminism & Focus On Women's Stories

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Intersectional feminism focuses on the ways gender, race, class, and sexual orientation impact one another — because they all do. Many branches of feminism have focused exclusively on the stories of white women, ignoring how women who are marginalized in other ways are often left out of the conversation. Feminism is supposed to be for all women, and it can only do that by being inclusive and sensitive to those it has excluded over centuries. And media that tries to give a voice to different kinds of women should be celebrated, like these eight TV shows that teach inclusive feminism.

Look, let's get real: a lot of media, even if it's woman-friendly, is not feminist, let alone inclusively feminist. Most media-loving ladies have had to come to terms with the give and take of enjoying a program that does some things right, but messes up on others. Even TV shows that are lauded for their feminist message will often barely include any people of color or LGBTQIA+ characters or will directly talk over the concerns of their audience when it comes to racism. It's rare for any one show to give you everything you need or even do more than the bare minimum, but some shows definitely make an effort. They may not all be actively teaching a lesson, but they are giving a voice to those who need to be heard.

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